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Joseph Wilbur
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Fans can nearly count on one hand the days remaining until the kick-off of the four-way Arrowverse Crossover. To amp up the anticipation, The CW has released a quartet of posters for each of the shows. Take a look at all four below.


Things to Look For

The first thing you should notice is the background. The posters seem to in front of some sort of warehouse, likely the one we have seen the heroes use as their base in the teasers. The layout of the building is reminiscent of the Hall of Justice.


For those who don’t know what the Hall of Justice is, the building’s purpose was as a headquarters for the Justice League. While this might just be an Easter egg, this could become a headquarters we will see used in future team ups.


The next thing fans should look at is the Supergirl poster. We got a new glimpse of not only one of the big bads of the crossover, the Dominators, but possibly one of their spaceships. Our glimpses so far of the Dominators have been very blurred, so this one allows us to take a closer look at their fearsome appearance. There also seems to be something in the alien’s hand. What could that possibly be?

Another prominent thing to notice is that there is a breach appearing in every image. While we do know that a breach will be needed to bring Supergirl over to join the team-up, using so many of them could point to breaches playing a larger role in the crossover than previously thought.

When to Watch the Arrowverse Crossover?

Tune in to watch the exciting four-way Arrowverse Invasion! crossover on the CW on the following nights:

  • Supergirl on Monday, Nov 28
  • Flash on Tuesday, Nov 29
  • Arrow on Wednesday, Nov 30
  • Legends of Tomorrow on Thursday, Dec 1
  • Supergirl (again) on Monday, Dec 5
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