Netflix Dives Into Spooky Sci-Fi With ‘Stranger Things’

Do you like the feeling you get from watching an old Steven Spielberg film or reading a creepy Stephen King book? Well, it looks like Netflix has something up its sleeve for you.

The first trailer for Netflix’s upcoming series Stranger Things debuted today and it looks like an unsettling, nostalgic mix of Spielberg, King and the type of science fiction children of the 1980s grew up with. Light on details and heavy on mood, this trailer is pitch perfect. Watch:

The series, starring Winona Ryder, David Harbour, Finn Wolfhard and more, carves out a real personality with just that short trailer. It also seems to harbor the type of mystery that will work wonderfully with Netflix’s binge-watch model. Just imagine watching episode after episode of this creepy adventure. Sounds like a spooky good time, right?

There are some concerns though. We won’t be the first to point out similarities to J.J. Abrams’s Super 8another project that tried to faithfully recreate the feeling of early Spielberg and 80s sci-fi. While Super 8 wasn’t a train wreck, it certainly didn’t compel people the way they hoped. Years later, people talk about it as a missed opportunity and not a classic. When a movie or show relies too heavily on its influences, it runs the risk of feeling like a copy cat without a true identity. Plus, a show that hinges on a mystery has challenges of its own – just look at Lost.

Despite those worries, this feels like it could be a gem. Netflix has been building a nice set of shows and Stranger Things seems completely unique and a fantastic fit for the streaming service that loves to take risks and create buzz. We will make final judgement on Stranger Things when the show hits the web on July 15th.

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