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Unusual fantasy creatures are a staple of genre TV and movies, but if you’re looking for the strangest of all, check Netflix. Bright, the new Netflix Original movie, features a new and unexpected take on well-known fantasy creatures like orcs and elves. But they aren’t the only strange things you’ll find. Here are our top 5 fantasy creatures in Netflix Originals.

The Demogorgon (Stranger Things)

Stranger Things-Demogorgon

The fearsome and terrifying Demogorgon made its debut in the first season of Stranger Things. A creature from the alternate dimension known as The Upside Down, the Demogorgon was named after a fearsome creature from the tabletop game Dungeons & Dragons. Over the course of a week, the Demogorgon stalked the town of Hawkins, abducting Will Byers, and was responsible for the deaths of several people, including Barb Holland (#JusticeForBarb).

The Demogorgon is capable of dimensional travel, switching between the normal world and The Upside Down with ease. Strong, durable, and able to regenerate quickly after being injured, the creature is a consummate predator. The Demogorgon also possessed a degree of telekinesis and can sense even tiny drops of blood. Despite all these advantages, the Demogorgon was no match for the kids of Hawkins and a telekinetic young girl.

The Mind Flayer/Shadow Monster (Stranger Things 2)

Stranger Things 2 had to go the extra mile to top the Demogorgon, and boy did they deliver! Season 2 introduced the colossal and intimidating Mind Flayer. Another creature from The Upside Down, the Mind Flayer was first encountered by Will Byers during one of his increasingly frequent trips to the alternate dimension after being rescued at the end of Season 1.

The Mind Flayer is a hive mind intelligence, capable of controlling other creatures like the Demodogs. It can also control tentacles made of mist to possess individuals and take full control of them as well. The Mind Flayer is not just a creature, but possesses a certain level of intelligence, and is cunning enough to plan deadly traps to eliminate its enemies.

Ryuk (Death Note)

Death Note-Ryuk

Netflix’s Death Note features Ryuk, a bored Shinigami (“god of death” or “death spirit”), who leaves one of the eponymous notebooks on Earth. Names written in the notebook result in that person’s death. It is found by a teenager, Light, who uses it to rid the world of criminals.

For the majority of the film, Ryuk is shrouded in shadow but when fully revealed, he is a terrifying sight. Willem Dafoe provides the facial mo-cap and voice for Ryuk, adding his considerable experience as a villain to the role.

Okja the Super-Pig (Okja)

Here’s one that’s cute and (kinda) cuddly – Okja. Okja is a genetically modified super-pig from the film of the same name. She is created by the Mirando Corporation and has been designed to meet the needs of an ever-increasing meat-eating society. Twenty-six of the pigs are given to farmers across the world to raise and find out where they thrive the best. Okja ends up with Mija and her grandfather in South Korea.

Ten years later, the Mirando Corporation announces that Okja has won the competition to be the best super-pig and is taken away to New York City. Distraught at losing her friend, Mija goes off to rescue her with the help of the Animal Liberation Front. What follows is a heart-warming tale of friendship between a girl and her super-pig and the problems Mija faces as she tries to rescue her friend.

Orcs (Bright)

Bright introduces us to Orcs as we’ve never seen them before. The world of Bright is much like our own but set in an alternate present where Humans share the world with other fantasy races such as Orcs, Elves, and Fairies. However, all is not well for the Orcs – they are the subject of police oppression, and many work in menial jobs or have joined street gangs.

Step forward Nick Jakoby – the first Orc to ever to join the Los Angeles Police Department. Partnered with veteran Human cop Daryl Ward, Jakoby has a lot to prove to his fellow officers. But that’s not all Jakoby has to contend with as he and Ward become embroiled in a deadly battle for control of an ancient relic that could change the world as they know it.

Stream Bright on Netflix from December 22.

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