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Amongst Batman’s many villains is the immortal eco-terrorist Ra’s Al Ghul. It was this ‘Demon’s Head’ that ultimately christened our favorite Dark Knight with the title of ‘Detective’. And it was also his daughter Talia that proved to be possibly the biggest love of Batman’s life. But it has now emerged that the Al Ghul’s may not be making an appearance in the future.

Who are the Al Ghul’s?

Talia Al Ghul is much more than simply a daughter to a Batman foe. The aptly titled ‘Demon’s Daughter’ is actually one of two known daughter to Ra’s with the other being Nyssa. Despite loyally working alongside her father, the love Talia has for Batman has compelled her to save him from his father several times. She has also had his child in two continuities – both times without his knowledge.

As for Ra’s, there is a long chapter of his history – much longer. Ra’s is kept alive and healthy by regular use of Lazarus Pits to restore him back to health. Though they keep his body working perfectly, his mind is destroyed by the continued use and each use causes temporary insanity and keeps him evil permanently.

Previous Appearances

Actress Teresa Palmer recently revealed in an interview with ScreenRant that she would like to play the villainess. Palmer was previously going to portray the character in the 2008 Justice League Mortals but lost the chance after the Writers Guild of America Strike and financial issues killed the film. Marion Cotillard played the femme fatale in The Dark Knight Rises – the third part in Christopher Nolan’s trilogy. Teresa Palmer has said: “I remember thinking, okay well, obviously she’s going to play Talia al Ghul, but if there’s ever an opportunity I would absolutely love it.”


Legendary actor Liam Neeson portrayed Ra’s Al Ghul in Batman Begins – the first part of the Nolan trilogy. His plan almost succeeded but Batman defeated him mere moments from his final victory. The League of Shadows – based on the League of Assasins – would later serve his daughter in The Dark Knight Rises.


Sadly, there is no solid indication yet that the DC Expanded Universe will be hosting either Talia or her father. Furthermore, insiders working for The Wrap suggest that the pair will not be appearing despite ScreenRant previously indicating that they would be tangling with the world’s greatest detective.

JK Simmons
J.K. Simmons will be playing Commissioner Gordon

The Batman solo film has so far added Commissioner Gordon and Deathstroke into the mix. With his oldest friend and one of the deadliest villains of all DC against him, the film looks full of promise even if neither Ghul shows up to haunt him. The film has not currently received a confirmed release date but two as yet untitled DC movies have been announced for 5th October 2018 and 1st November 2019. Keep an eye on Fandom for any DC news.

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