#MyFandom: An Interview with the ‘Gravity Falls’ Community

Sharon Kehoe

#MyFandom is a biweekly Twitter Q&A highlighting Wikia communities and pop culture influencers who love to geek out hard over their favorite fandoms. We kicked off this new program showcasing our friends at the Gravity Falls Wiki.

Disney’s popular animated television series Gravity Falls, the brainchild of creator Alex Hirsch, just ended its show run in 2016. With more than 1.4 million global visitors to the Gravity Falls community in just the past month and over 75,000 followers on Twitter, it’s clear this fandom isn’t going away anytime soon — or probably ever.

So we tweeted with the uber fans behind the Gravity Falls Wiki and asked a few questions about what makes Gravity Falls such a special show and why their fandom will never fade.

@getfandom: For those who don’t know, what is Gravity Falls?
@GravityWiki: Gravity Falls is an animated TV series about tween twins and their crazy summer in Oregon!


@getfandom: What makes this show a step above others of its kind?
@GravityWiki: Gravity Falls has great animation and characters, but above all it’s enjoyable for all ages.

@getfandom: When did you first realize you had to be part of this fandom? Did you start the group?
@GravityWiki: May 2012: I saw early promos. Seemed fun so I joined the wikia!

@getfandom: Who is your favorite Gravity Falls character, and why?
@GravityWiki: Mabel is my favorite character. No one else can make me laugh like she can!

mabel pines gravity falls

@getfandom: Use a GIF to represent your feelings when you first heard Gravity Falls was ending.

@getfandom: If you could ask creator Alex Hirsch any question about the show, what would it be?
@GravityWiki: Hey Alex Hirsch, what is Dipper’s actual first name?

dipper gravity falls

@getfandom: You have to take one of the characters to a deserted island with you, who will it be?
@GravityWiki: I’d bring Ford with me to a deserted island. That man could make a raft out of anything!

ford gravity falls

@getfandom: Do you think any of the characters on Gravity Falls deserve their own spin off show?
@GravityWiki: Tad Strange should definitely have his own spin-off show! He likes bread!

@getfandom: If you were a character on Gravity Falls, what would be your name?
@GravityWiki: My name would be Blerble and I would be Wendy’s namesake ancestor back from the dead!

alex hirsch twitter gravity falls
Sharon Kehoe
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