‘Mr. Robot’ Recap and Review: “eps2.9_pyth0n-pt1.p7z”

Drew Dietsch

Questions. Mr. Robot‘s second season has been filled with questions. Creator Sam Esmail brings this to the forefront with this week’s episode by literally having a mysterious little girl ask a bunch of nonsensical questions. Do the answers matter? Or is it the thought behind the answers that has real weight?

Regardless, Elliot and others are searching for those answers. Through a technique similar to lucid dreaming, Elliot is able to monitor Mr. Robot‘s actions. Where his path leads to seems to answer one of the biggest mysteries of season two, but even Elliot admits that we can no longer believe what we see.

Meanwhile, Dom continues to search for answers behind the Dark Army‘s plots. Unfortunately, she hits a bureaucratic wall and is forced to retreat. Her following scene in her apartment is heartbreaking and is probably the best peek into her character we’ve received.

Elsewhere, Angela is forced into a confrontation with Whiterose. Angela’s alliances have shifted this entire season, and it’s become clear that she’ll play whatever role will benefit her the most at the moment. Will this eventually lead to her being taken advantage of by even more malicious forces?

This first part of the finale has left us with lots of questions. We still don’t know what Phase Two is. What about the fates of Darlene and Cisco? Where was the call that Elliot traced coming from? Why is Joanna so happy about it? And has Tyrell really returned?

Let’s hope the finale provides us with answers. Or, at the very least, questions that leave us wanting to return for a third season.

Elliot in Mr. Robot Season 2
A red phone seems to be a recurring motif in season two

Best Moments of the Episode:

  • Angela’s entire ordeal inside that creepy room. The show has flirted with horror before, but something about the uneasy oddness of that sequence seems like something out of Twin Peaks.
  • Dom’s revealing conversation with Alexa. Grace Gummer has been great this season, but this is her pinnacle scene of the season so far.
  • The use of multiple pieces of music from Back to the Future.
  • The reveal in the taxicab, though the reality of that situation is still up for debate.

Next Week on Mr. Robot:


For a full recap of the episode, visit the Mr. Robot Wiki here. This article is a review of the episode in which specific details and events are discussed. SPOILERS may occur, so read at your own risk.

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