More ‘Alien: Covenant’ Details Arrive!

Travis Newton

If you’re an Alien megafan like me, you know these two things: the Xenopedia community is great, and Ridley Scott is coming back for a Prometheus sequel, currently titled Alien: Covenant.

Covenant will see the return of Michael Fassbender as David, the curious android who ended up as just a talking head in a duffel bag. We also know that Noomi Rapace will be returning as Shaw, but in a lesser capacity than her robotic counterpart. Katherine Waterston has been cast in the lead role: a colonist (from the ship Covenant, naturally) who finds David alone on a distant planet. The planet, initially believed to be a paradise, will put Daniels and her fellow colonists in very close contact with some very familiar monsters.


Collider recently spoke with Prometheus’ costume designer, Janty Yates, and she’s dished a few more details. The film will reportedly contain two new spacesuit designs from Yates, who also did wonderful work for Sir Ridley on The Martian. However, Yates also hinted that we wouldn’t see these suits very much. “[Alien: Covenant] is not so much of a spacesuit movie,” she explains. She also reveals that when the colonists find David, he will be wearing “bits and bobs” of his spacesuit from the previous film. Then, she drops something a bit more mysterious. “It’s ten years [after] Prometheus.”

How has David managed to survive so long in this dangerous universe? Has Shaw survived along with him? How long has the colonist ship been traveling through space? What leads them to believe that this deadly planet is a paradise? I wonder if David has gotten a bit lonely and crazy in these ten years. Would he be capable of sending a transmission to lure the Covenant to him?

All will be revealed on October 7, 2016.

Travis Newton
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