You Might Be Eating Wrong in ‘Monster Hunter World’

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You could be eating better in Monster Hunter World.

We know how you feel. Every time you stroll up to the canteen and you’re like… Damn, Chef’s Choice. You are lookin’ good. 50 health and 50 stamina? With some random effects and a bit of a Palico boost? I’ll take TWO.

It’s easy, and it seems like consistently the best meal. But we’re here to tell you Chef’s Choice is the culinary equivalent of driving automatic. You could be taking more control over your meal buffs, and here’s how.

How Food and Cooking Works in ‘Monster Hunter World’

You get three different kinds of benefit for eating in Monster Hunter World:

  • Meal Effects
  • Ingredient Effects
  • Food Skills

Pretty ambiguous, huh?

Meal Effects are what you’re probably looking at when your eyes start watering over the Chef’s Choice Platter. That’s what gives you the extra health and stamina, as well as boosting Palico health.

It’s a huge bonus, and you should always make sure you have your health and stamina boosted to that level — but remember that you can do all of that with consumables as well. If you’ve got a healthy, consistent flow of Max Potions and Mega Nutrients from your regular harvests between missions, you can make sure you’re always stocked up.

Ingredient Effects are the bonuses you get from what type of ingredients you include in the meal. These are things like Attack Up and Defence Up. The basic rule here is:

  • Meat increases your attack
  • Fish increases your defence
  • Vegetables increase your elemental resistances

In all cases, it takes two of a kind to raise your bonus. Two meats will get you Attack Up (S), another two will get you Attack Up (M), and a final two will give you the coveted Attack Up (L). It doesn’t matter what kind of meat. For Ingredient Effects, it also doesn’t matter if it’s fresh.

Food Skills are trickier, and a lot more specific. You’ll see these at the bottom of the in-game window. The actual skills here depend on which ingredients you’ve selected (as well as there being some random daily skills available), and there’s a chance to activate them depending on how many fresh ingredients you’re using. A full plate of fresh ingredients is a 100% chance to land your skills.

What’s important to know here is that each ingredient belongs to a category. Those are Courage, Resilience, Vigor, Acumen, Artillery, Perception, and Fortune. You’ll get a different bonus if you include two, four, or six of each type. Going for the more expensive option does NOT automatically include the cheaper ones.

We’ll include a table at the bottom of this post with all of the effects.

Deciding which food to eat in the menu
Going for the pre-prepared platters is a die roll with daily skills

Fresh Prawns of Bel Air

Going for the Chef’s Choice Platter basically lets the game randomly choose your bonuses. Not only can the Meowscular Chef waste your fresh ingredients, sometimes these are actually detrimental. In the case of the daily skill Felyne Provoker, which “increases the likelihood of being targeted,” you might be worse off.

These daily skills will randomly populate your Food Skills window, but using more custom ingredients will replace those in the order of middle, then top, then bottom.

If you want to ensure that you get the Food Skills, you can always use a voucher from the arena which will guarantee it. You won’t even need fresh ingredients.

Don’t forget to save the meals that help out your particular build in your Favourite Platters.

Hold My Beer

Before we get into the nitty gritty of what each ingredient does, let’s talk about beer.

There are some special buffs you can only get from a good pale ale, although the game does warn you to not drink too much of it.

The Fat Felyne skill increases the amount of zeni you get from each quest, though we’ve not once experienced a lack of zeni. But it’s there if you need it.

Once you unlock all of the beers, you’ll also have access to a skill that increases your quest rewards called Lucky Cat. Very handy if you’re grinding out a few investigations to target something specific.

Similarly, there’s a Felyne Carver skill that increases the number of times you can carve after slaying a monster. It should go without saying, but don’t target this skill if you’re going to be trapping.

Beer does not, however, give you any Ingredient Effects.

Ingredient Effects for Food Skills

We’ll put the specific effects for each type of ingredient in Monster Hunter World here, for reference.

Type Skill Name Quantity Buff Description
Courage Felyne Polisher 2x Often Speeds up Sharpening Time.
  Felyne Rider 4x Makes it easier to mount monster.
  Felyne Slugger 6x Makes it easier to stun monsters.
Resillience Felyne Acrobat 2x Allows the hunter to recover quickly when sent flying.
  Felyne Feet 4x Prevents you from getting knocked on your butt.
  Felyne Moxie 6x Prevents fainting one time when damage taken exceeds your remaining health.
Vigor Felyne Riser (Hi) 2x Greatly extends the invulnerability period when getting up.
  Felyne Black Belt 4x Reduces stamina depletion when evading, blocking, or doing certain other actions.
  Felyne Heroics 6x Grealty increases attack when health is dangerously low.
Acumen Felyne Groomer 2x Halves the effect duration of Defense Down and speeds up blight recovery.
  Felyne Medic 4x Increases health recovery from items.
  Felyne Specialist 6x Increases the potency of abnormal status attacks.
Artillery Felyne Sharpshooter 2x Increases the power of normal shots (Normal S) and normal arrows.
  Felyne Bombardier 4x Increases ballista, sticky ammo, and gunlance shell damage.
  Felyne Pyro 6x Upgrades Large Barrel Bombs to Mega Barrel Bombs.
Perception Felyne Iron Carver 2x Prevents knockbacks while carving.
  Felyne Exchanger 4x Increases the number of research points you receive at the end of a quest.
  Felyne Carver (Hi) 6x Often increases the number of times you can carve
Fortune Felyne Harvester 2x Reduces the time between gathering point respawns.
  Felyne Fat Cat 4x Increases the amount of zenny you receive at the end of a quest.
  Lucky Cat 6x Sometimes increases the number of reward items received at the end of a quest.

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