‘Monster Hunter’ Fan Awards Winners Announced

Doug Trein

To celebrate the release of Monster Hunter Generations, we hosted a Monster Hunter Community Choice Awards event on the Monster Hunter wiki. Spanning two weeks, the event had fans voting for their favorite elements across the Monster Hunter series. Categories ranged from the various weapon and style types, to the most fearsome monsters the series has to offer. We’ve tallied several thousand votes and the winners have been selected! Let’s take a look at the victors of each category and see why they came out on top.

Favorite Game

The overwhelming favorite game as voted by fans was Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, the 2013 re-release of Monster Hunter 4 for the 3DS. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate has the distinction of selling over 290,000 copies in the United States in the first two weeks of release, making it the fastest-selling Monster Hunter title to date. The game is also the first title to surpass one million units shipped in Europe and North America. Before the release of Generations, Monster Hunter Ultimate 4 had the widest variety of monsters in the game at 98.

Favorite Blademaster Weapon

The Monster Hunter series features a wide variety of weapons for players to wield. Different weapons are effective in the hands of different players as well, rewarding skill over pure strength. The Long Sword took home the top prize for the best weapon in the game.

Long Swords were first introduced in Monster Hunter Freedom 2, and they’ve become a very popular choice among fans. They sport swift attacks, fluid controls, and relatively high damage potential. Long Swords are versatile weapons, and hit much faster than other large weapons. It is also easy to chain attacks together using Long Swords. Second in the voting were Dual Blades, and Great Swords were third.

Favorite Gunner Weapon

Long range weapons in Monster Hunter are known as Gunner Weapons. Between the three different bow types, the community chose the Bow as their favorite. The bow is not a weapon choice for an amateur hunter. The Bow is a quick weapon, and requires knowledge of a monster’s weak point and elemental weaknesses. The bow can be drawn quickly, has unlimited ammo, and utilizes coatings to provide different effects in battle. The Bow is a complex weapon to utilize properly, and it’s a big reason why it has so many fans.

Favorite Hunting Style

Newly introduced in Monster Hunter Generations are Hunting Styles. These styles alter the combat effectiveness of the player, giving them more mobility or skill slots to use while on hunts. Between the four styles, Adept Style won the category. The Adept Style encourages players to time counterattacks. By timing out evades or guards during monster attacks, players can unleash Insta-Moves. These devastating counterattacks take some skill and practice to pull off, but their damage output can instantly turn the tables. For the more experienced Monster Hunter players, Adept is the style to choose.

Favorite Village

Villages in Monster Hunter are where players can drop off their loot, forge new weapons and armor, and accept new quests before setting out into the wild. The users voted on their favorite village in Generations, with Yukumo Village taking first place. Yukomo Village first appeared in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd and is located among the Misty Peaks. The area is known far and wide for its hot springs and has become a major tourist destination in the region.

Favorite Quest Type

There are no shortage of quests in the Monster Hunter series, and players will quickly become familiar the variety of mission types. The best quest type was awarded to the Hunter’s Hub Quests. These quests are more challenging that typical Village Quests, and are only offered after the player has made significant progress within each respective village. Most of these quests require hunting a single fierce monster, or collecting a bunch of supplies for characters.

Favorite Monster Type

The most popular category in the Monster Hunter Community Awards was for the best monster type. There are over 14 different species of Monsters in the game, each with their own defining characteristics. Not surprisingly, the most powerful of all monster types won the category: Elder Dragons. This class of monsters was first introduced in the first-generation Monster Hunter titles. Elder Dragons are rare, elusive monsters that have lived since ancient times. They are capable of bringing destruction to whole ecosystems. Fighting an Elder Dragon is an immense challenge.

Most Deadly Deviant Monster

Deviant monsters are unique monsters that have survived previous hunter encounters and have taken new traits and abilities. They are quite difficult to defeat! The community chose the Hellblade Glavenus as the most deadly Deviant Monster in Generations. The Hellblade Glavenus resembles a large, enraged Glavenus. In comparison, they have a deep red coloration. Their skin gives off intense heat akin to an active volcano. To make things more challenging, the Hellblade Galvenus also switches between two modes, one using Fire and the other Blast.

Favorite Elder Dragon

Generations includes eight Elder Dragons for players to dispatch. The community chose Shagaru Magala as their favorite Elder Dragon. First introduced in Monster Hunter 4, Shagaru Magala is covered in glittering golden scales, as well as horns and claws. When enraged, the creature will fly high up into the sky, let out a roar, and cover itself in an energy aura before dive-bombing unknowing hunters. The monster is constantly in a rage-like state, and has the ability to inflict a Frenzy Virus to other monsters nearby. Hunters will need to stay on their toes to overcome this Elder Dragon.

Most Deadly Flagship Monster

In Monster Hunter, the Flagship monsters are the four strongest hunts the game has to offer. The players voted Glavenus as the most deadly Flagship Monster in Generations. This large Brute Wyvern is able to sharpen its blade-like tail in its mouth, granting the ability to create fiery explosions with the massive appendage. This attack grants serious range to a wide variety of its attacks. The Glavenus is a relentless and aggressive predator and it takes a strong group of players to bring one down.

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