Midseason Catch-up: Five Biggest Moments In ‘Blindspot’ So Far

Kim Deuel

Blindspot’s first season was a success and we’re excited to see what else we’ll learn from Jane and her tattoos when the show returns. The show’s unique concept and intricate mystery won critics and fans over, but the midseason finale left the world with even more questions than before. Read on for five highlights from the first half of Blindspot‘s Season 1, and get ready for the midseason premiere on Feb. 29.

Who is Jane?

Jane Doe

The first episode, as expected, sets the theme for everything, but wow, what a pilot. A mysterious woman is discovered in an abandoned duffle bag in Times Square, not only completely naked but also covered in tattoos. Jane Doe doesn’t remember who she is or the reason behind the tattoos, but one thing is perfectly clear – the name of FBI Agent Kurt Weller is inked prominently across her upper back. After an initial DNA test leads nowhere, Forensics technician Patterson scans Jane’s entire body and discovers the tattoos may be clues to uncovering much more than just Jane’s identity. Significantly, among the tattoos is a Navy Seal insignia.



Carter and Mayfield

Another one of the tattoos on Jane’s body is discovered to be an FBI case file. Patterson brings the file to FBI Director Bethany Mayfair, who seems less than interested in looking at it. When later confronted by Agent Weller, we learn about Daylight, a secretive pact between the FBI, CIA, and the White House to use illegally gained information from NSA surveillance of American citizens over the previous 10 years. In order to avoid implication for using the intel, the members of Daylight were “unofficially” directed to find creative ways to use the information, attributing their actions to criminal sources. After suspecting Jane might possibly have knowledge of Daylight, CIA Director Tom Carter makes it clear that he will eliminate anyone who might expose Daylight, even Jane.

Goodbye, David

Blinkspot Patterson and David

In the show’s first real romantic sideline, David pushes Patterson for more than just friendship, but her past relationships keep her from opening up. Both love and tension are felt between the two, and there is no question about how awesome they seem to be together. After helping her discover a clue on one of the tattoo images which almost results in getting her fired, David is rebuffed by Patterson. Sadly, tragedy strikes, and fans saw that Patterson didn’t realize what she had until it was gone forever.

Moments of Morality

It was revealed early on that Agent Zapata had a gambling issue and had no choice but to find a way to pay her debt after her bookie confronts her. Carter, somehow privy to her sudden need for cash, decides to use her to gain information about Jane, including but certainly not limited to a copy of the case file. Zapata soon realizes that Carter is not going away anytime soon, and she must make a choice: Get dirty or come clean. Instead, she turns in her resignation because she’s tired of spying on her friend. With Carter gone, will Zapata rip up that resignation and come back to help Jane?

Mystery Man

Blindspot Jane and Weller kiss

After a heated first kiss with Weller that fans had been waiting for all season, Jane walks towards her safehouse only to be kidnapped by Carter, who takes her to a less than ideal room, binds her to a table, and tortures her for information. The word “Orion” slips from her lips, making Carter take a step back. Before Carter is able to continue, he is killed by a man with a tree tattoo. Piece by piece, Jane remembers short clips of her past, but one image haunts her more than the rest: making love to a man with a tree tattoo. Suddenly the man with the tattoo is there, Jane is shown a video revealing the mystery man is Oscar, and then Jane hears her own voice from the video saying, “You did this to yourself.”

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