Get Midseason Ready with These Five Popular ‘Teen Wolf’ Fan Theories


The first half of Teen Wolf‘s fifth season was full of shocking, sometimes heartbreaking, moments and we’re happy to hear the theme for the second half is “resurrection.” Mostly thanks to Theo, the Beacon Hills pack have been through a lot and they really need to mend their relationships if they’re going to face their newest enemy head on. Scott’s brush with death, Sheriff Stilinski’s unfortunate accident, the Dread Doctors’ disturbing experiments, and the entire midseason finale all left us scratching our heads, so we’re jumping back into the Teen Wolf universe with even more questions.

Keep reading for 5 of the most popular Teen Wolf fan theories we can’t get out of our heads, and see if you can debunk the rumors!

Team Banshee

Dr. Valack from Teen Wolf

We’ve read that Valack will return to Beacon Hills, and Jeff Davis told fans the character might not be as bad as they think. In other interviews, Davis said Lydia will gain an unexpected ally in Eichen House and someone will teach her to use her voice as a weapon. Based on these tidbits and the previews we’ve seen so far, fans are thinking Valack and Lydia will definitely team up. More optimistic fans are hoping Meredith will also return to Beacon Hills, and we have to admit that a Banshee team would be pretty cool.

Damnatio Memoriae

On the Teen Wolf fresco MTV shared with fansites, there was a scroll with the words Damnatio Memoriae on it. This Latin phrase is translated to “condemnation of memory”, and is a title given to traitors. Obviously, we have our guard up about Theo, but there’s such a wide array of characters, we’re nervous the traitor could even be in Scott’s pack. The void Stiles theory has been refuted by many fans, but there’s still a darkness in Stiles that might cause him to make similarly harmful decisions. Fans have a bad feeling this theory will come true.

Malia vs. Desert Wolf

The Desert Wolf aka Malia’s mom plays a big role in Malia’s life and will play an even bigger part when Teen Wolf returns. Davis told EW that Theo will get involved since he and the Desert Wolf have common goals, but will Theo ally with Malia or her mother? This is a stretch, but fans noticed the Hebrew symbol for “chai” on the woman strangling Malia in MTV’s fresco. “Chai” translates to the word “life,” which might mean Malia’s mom isn’t actually trying to kill her daughter…or killing her daughter is supposed to save her. What a twist!

“Le Bete, Le Bete, Le Bete, Success”

Before going into the midseason premiere, one of Teen Wolf‘s biggest mysteries is who/what exactly is the Beast? As far as we know, what we’re going to see is the original Beast of Gevaudan, “history’s most vicious, most famous werewolf.” It appears that the Dread Doctors have resurrected the Beast in order to steal its powers, and Scott will need all the help (Theo, Jordan, Deucalion, etc.) he can get to stop that from happening. One theory we’ve been hearing is the two packs will work together to take down the Beast but then Theo will betray everyone by stealing the Beast’s powers for himself. If that happens, fans are concerned that Scott will have to break his “no killing” policy in order to stop him. Past interviews have revealed that Scott will come back older and wiser, but is he ready for all that blood on his hands?

Bye, Chimeras

Again, Davis revealed that Theo and Scott’s packs do end up fighting side-by-side, but Theo is much too dangerous to be left unchecked. Based on past interviews, we know Theo will continue to manipulate people, especially Scott and Stiles, and he is not satisfied with being a chimera. Although the two alphas are going to have a common enemy, fans are theorizing Theo will sacrifice his own “zombie chimera” pack to gain more power and to become a real werewolf. The chimeras were recently brought back to life, so we’ll be sad if they die again!

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