Midseason Recap: ‘Sleepy Hollow’

Travis Newton

Step off, Horseman: Pandora and her ancient Sumerian god-hubby are the new big bads on Sleepy Hollow. They made things tough for the Witnesses and their pals throughout the first half of Season 3, but have things been tough enough? Critics have called this season low on tension and dramatic conflict, and it’s easy to see why: As a villain, Pandora hasn’t been as effective as the Horseman. I mean, Crane took her down with a stun gun. How bad can she be?

That’s not to say it hasn’t been fun to watch Shannyn Sossamon camping it up as the mythical baddie, and she’s thrown a bunch of creepy monsters (that Tooth Fairy thing was especially creepy) at the heroes. But the shocking midseason twist shows that this season still has some major promise, and big things are still to come.

The back half of Hollow‘s season will hopefully see Pandora and the newly resurrected Etu ‘Ilu (aka The Hidden One, played by Peter Mensah) grow into an effective evil duo and dive into their backstories. But how big a blow were they dealt when Etu ‘Ilu’s power source, the Eye, exploded at the end of “Novus Ordo Seclorum”? Did the blast really take out Pandora’s box? More importantly, did Abbie really die in the blast?


Abbie made two major sacrifices in that shocking midseason finale: She seemingly gave up her position at the FBI to prevent the Bureau from interfering with her Witness work, and she took the pieces of the shard with her into Pandora’s tree when they threatened to explode. That was quick and honorable thinking on her part, but what will the circumstances of her sacrifice mean in the final episodes of the season?

Well, let’s just say I’m not too concerned about her being permanently gone. In shows like this, there’s almost always some way to bring back the deceased (or those trapped in other realms).

Abbie and Jenny’s father (played by James McDaniel) will show up in future episodes, and current showrunner Clifton Campbell has hinted that he and Jenny will be doing something “drastic [and] unexpectedly emotional” with regards to Abbie. How will Crane handle all this? I’m not sure, but he’s going to have to pick himself up and dust himself off, because he’s one Witness down and he’s got a ticked-off Sumerian god on the loose now.

Sleepy Hollow starts up again this Friday, Feb. 5, at 8 p.m. EST on Fox. The midseason premier is called “One Life,” and the synopsis is as follows:

Following Abbie’s huge sacrifice, Crane and Jennie find themselves at a loss. In an effort to save Abbie, Crane forms an unlikely partnership and Jenny confronts a former foe.

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Travis Newton
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