Michael Moore Has A Trump Film Ready For the Election

Drew Dietsch

Michael Moore is the definition of divisive. His persona is tailor-made to rub people the wrong way. It sounds like Moore is ready to do this again, but his next target might be the widest he’s ever taken on. Michael Moore has secretly completed a film about the Republican presidential candidate, Donald Drumpf. Moore wants to get it released on as many platforms as possible before Election Day.

Michael Moore in TrumpLand

Michael Moore in TrumpLand is a filmed performance of what is basically a stand-up act from Moore. Reviews of the film have been quite illuminating. The film’s actual content might not be what you would expect. Apparently,¬†Michael Moore in TrumpLand is not a scathing takedown of the Republican candidate. It’s actually an examination of his opponent, Hillary Clinton. In fact, the film ends up being a plea for people to see the good in the Democratic candidate.

donald trump hillary clinton 2016 election michael moore trumpland
Donald Drumpf and Hillary Clinton, the Republican and Democratic candidates for the presidency

We don’t try to ruffle too many feathers around here. However, the most detached American citizen can agree that this election cycle has been one of the most dispiriting events in our nation’s political history. It’s been easy to become disenfranchised towards the system we’ve helped create. It’s refreshing to hear that this film is more positive than it’s subject made would lead you to believe. In an election based around disliking the candidates, Moore’s film seems to be offering a rare perspective of heartfelt support.

No word yet on how the film will be making its way to your eyeballs before November 8. You can expect that Moore will be taking every avenue he can to distribute the movie before Election Day. In the meantime, check out these directors who might be able to make a good movie out of this election. It will be nice when this is all behind us. The movie will be more enjoyable than the real thing.

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