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Michael Mann’s ‘Blackhat’ to Receive Director’s Cut

Michael Mann is one of the most interesting filmmakers working today, but his recent Blackhat was widely considered a disappointment. It’s one of those movies that seemed perfect for Mann, a thriller involving cybersecurity and the very real threat it presents. He’s a meticulous filmmaker with a vigor that echoes for decades. His Heat, Manhunter, Last of the Mohicans, and The Insider are considered among the best of their respective genres. Collateral is a movie that helped make digital filmmaking more palatable to Mann’s peers, allowing a fast and naturalistic style to accentuate his vision. When Michael Mann makes a movie it’s sort of a big deal. Blackhat wasn’t, but there was a hint of something beneath the surface.

Today it was announced that Michael Mann has been working on a director’s cut of Blackhat. He’ll be showing it once but the possibility exists that this new version could eventually find itself available for consumers. Mann has dabbled with director’s cuts before. His Miami Vice was given a rather substantial director’s cut that fixed some things and weakened others, though both versions have plenty of merit. The idea of Blackhat getting a second pass is interesting. Ridley’s Scott’s Kingdom of Heaven is rather dull affair but the director’s cut is an excellent movie.

At the end of the day it’s probably still going to be Blackhat but the possibilities are intriguing.


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