Meet the Power Rangers


Breathing new life into a popular, nostalgia-filled children’s franchise isn’t easy. But the actors who comprise the titular superheroes of Saban’s Power Rangers – Naomi Scott, Becky G., Dacre Montgomery, RJ Cyler and Ludi Lin – embrace the high school aged characters as if they were truly walking in their shoes.

“I’m Billy and I play RJ,” flubs Cyler as he’s introducing himself and the character he plays. “I mean… I’m RJ and I play Billy.”

“Sometimes!” snorts Scott with a laugh.

“Sometimes they actually do cross into each other,” adds Becky G.

That familial camaraderie exudes from all five actors, making it easy for lines to blur between fact and fiction. Case in point: “I play Trini, the Yellow Power Ranger,” explains Becky G. “I think what’s really cool about her is that she is independent due to her circumstances. She kind of found no point in making friends ever because she’s constantly moving schools. And then, finally, she’s forced to be friends with people. And the evolution of those friendships turns into really genuine relationships in the crazy adventure that we all go into together.”

This sentiment is clearly reflected by all five actors during the course of the interview – real-life strangers who became close friends during the shooting of the film. Check out what the rest of the Rangers crew has to say about each other and their characters.

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