Meet the New Characters of ‘Stranger Things’

Drew Dietsch

Stranger Things is so hot right now. Fans are eager for any info they can obtain about the next season. We’ve talked about what we think the future holds, but today gives us a little more info on that front. Specifically, we’ve gotten the first peek at some of the new characters who will be playing pivotal roles in season two.

First up, there’s Max. She’s a 12-14-year-old female who sounds like something of a tomboy. She gets around town on her trusty skateboard, which she’s pretty handy with. The first episode of season two is titled “MadMax,” so it sounds like she’ll be an integral part of the gang moving forward. It’s likely that she’ll be getting her nickname thanks to the popularity of The Road Warrior, which was released two years prior to when Stranger Things takes place.

There’s also Billy, Max’s older brother. Described as “muscular, hyper-confident, violent and unpredictable,” it sounds like Billy might be a source of trouble for Mike and the crew. However, the ninth episode of season two is called “The Lost Brother.” Could Billy also get lost in the Upside Down?

Finally, there’s Roman, a thirtysomething homeless person who grew up with a drug-addicted mom. What’s intriguing is that Roman apparently lost someone at an early age and has been seeking revenge since then. Could this be another victim of the mysterious research program? The role is currently being cast gender-neutral, so it’ll be interesting to see if this is a role that draws some recognizable talent. After the smashing success of Stranger Things‘ first season, you can bet some more notable names want to jump on the bandwagon.

It sounds like season two won’t be resting on its laurels, and we will be getting more characters to fall in love with (RIP Barb). There is also one other new character that hasn’t been revealed yet. Could this be someone even more integral to the overall mystery?

Stranger Things will return sometime next year. Play some Dungeons & Dragons to help make the time go by faster.

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