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The name “The Tick” may spark hazy memories for anyone who grew up in the late ’90s. The crime-fighting superhero comedy, originally a comic, was adapted into a cartoon in 1994 and a live-action series in 2001. Now Amazon is rebooting the series with a new set of actors and an entirely new take on the big blue avenger.

To prepare for the first season release on August 25, we’ve created four quick videos introducing the key characters of the series, starting with The Tick himself. Videos for Arthur, Miss Lint, and Overkill will follow later in the week, so stay tuned.

Overkill (Added 8/28)

Overkill is an unhinged vigilante pursuing his own vendetta against The Terror. He’s a highly trained government assassin who spent years in a war zone as an Aegis agent. Overkill went rogue after suffering a psychotic break and now punishes crime wherever he finds it. When he arrives in The City, even the police are afraid what he will do.

An expert in martial arts, Overkill uses an impressive array of weaponry and gadgets in his war on crime. Described as a “robo-ninja,” he’s got metal hands and robotic eyes. Overkill’s base of operations is “Danger Boat,” an artificial intelligence who spends his time composing his own theme tune.

The Tick

The Tick is many things. Nigh invulnerable. Agile as a jungle cat. Strong as ten, maybe twenty men. And, of course, a terrific monologuer.

He’s ready to take on the fight for justice, but there’s just one problem: He isn’t quite sure how to do it. In fact, he doesn’t even really know who he is. But that doesn’t matter because Destiny has spoken to The Tick. After meeting Arthur, The Tick is convinced that there is a hero inside of him. The Tick believes that he found Arthur for a reason — so that they could team up as a crime-fighting duo. With Arthur’s brains to compliment his brawn, The Tick is ready to force the wicked men of The City to stop their evil ways.


Mild-mannered accountant, Arthur Everest is about to be thrust into the world of superheroes – whether he likes it or not. Fifteen years ago, Arthur witnessed the death of his father. If this wasn’t bad enough, he then watched as The Terror killed the superhero team known as the Flag 5 in front of him…and worst of all, he stole his ice cream.

Even though The Terror was killed a year later by Superian, Arthur is convinced he is still alive and secretly running all the crime in The City. While trying to prove it, he meets The Tick. The mysterious blue superhero tells Arthur that Destiny is calling – and Arthur should accept the charges. The Tick needs a sidekick, the brains to his brawn. Conveniently, The Tick just happens to have acquired a bulletproof winged suit for Arthur to try on. There’s just one problem – The Tick took it from the villainous Miss Lint and she wants it back…

Miss Lint

Miss Lint is a supervillain who can control electricity. She commands one of the many gangs that control crime in The City but she ultimately answers to crime boss Ramses IV.

Miss Lint earned her name due to her powers – the static electricity she generates causes dust and particles to be attracted to her. It’s not a flattering name, but fellow villain The Terror advised her to own the name and gave her special bracelets that negated the static build up but left her powers unchecked.

Angry and ruthless, Miss Lint is out for revenge against The Tick and Arthur after the big blue avenger took down one of her operations – poor Arthur can’t catch a break.

Stream The Tick on August 25 with Amazon Prime.

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