Mass Effect: Andromeda Romance Guide – Who can you seduce and how?

Samantha Loveridge

Getting it on with an alien, or fellow space traveller, has always been a major part of Mass Effect games and Mass Effect: Andromeda is no different. In fact, there’s a LOT more action to be had when it comes to having an Andromeda romance, whether it’s a one-night stand or a more serious, monogamous relationship.

It turns out the potential end of humanity in Andromeda means that everyone’s particularly frisky. Flirting occurs all over the galaxy in Mass Effect: Andromeda, making the romantic options you can have a lot more fluid and exciting. You can also pretty much flirt with anyone you meet if you talk to them enough.

“In this game, we’ve tried to nuance the romances a bit,” explained Andromeda Producer, Fabrice Condominas to Fandom. “It’s not always about love or pure sexual intercourse. There are friendships and family too. But even with your squad you can flirt or have a one night stand. Both characters know it and that’s fine; you can have that kind of thing. It’s more modern and closer to life.”

Mike Gamble, Andromeda Producer, went so far as to say that you can bang myriad characters in the new Mass Effect and even gave an early hint on the quality back in January.

Here is our guide to getting yourself some Andromeda romance with your crew and beyond.

Cora and Scott Kiss Mass Effect Andromeda
Cora and Scott have already been getting it on in Andromeda trailers

Mass Effect: Andromeda romance tips

You’ll know if you’re about to flirt with someone as it’s marked with a large heart on the dialogue options, so you know exactly when you’re about to embark on a romantic journey with a character. Or about to be shot down, which happens a lot to Scott and Sara Ryder, such is the frequency of their flirtations.

However, it’s often not enough to simply flirt with a character to be with a chance of getting in their pants. There are multiple layers to engaging in some cosmic coupling in Andromeda, including loyalty missions, off-ship adventures and other conditions.

For your crew members, it seems to be that you’ll need to first flirt with them, keep up the conversations between missions and have chats with them on the Nexus or other off-Tempest wanderings you go on. As in Mass Effect 2, you’ll also be able to go on loyalty missions for your crew members to really build your relationships. After that, if you’re in, they’ll invite you to start a relationship with them, providing you haven’t committed yourself to someone else, of course.

That’s not how all the relationships pan out, though, so here’s everything we know about getting it on with your new Andromeda friends. Obviously, if you want to avoid all Mass Effect Andromeda spoilers click away now!

Who can you romance in Andromeda?

Here’s everyone who you can have a romantic relationship with in Andromeda, although you can actually flirt with a heck of a lot more. Turns out Ryder is quite promiscuous, but not everyone will be susceptible to your advances.

Cora Harper

Cora and Scott flirting Mass Effect Andromeda
BioWare pushed Cora Harper as a major love interest for Scott from the beginning

Status: Crew member

Romances available: Male Ryder only

Method: Cora is one of the first Tempest crew members you meet in Andromeda and despite the fact she’s not particularly happy with your dad’s actions, she loves a bit of Ryder. Well, Scott anyway. To start up a relationship with Cora, you’ll need to flirt with her in between missions. You’ll usually find her in the Tempest’s Bio Lab or on the Nexus in Director Tann’s office. After her loyalty mission, which you’ll pick up via email, Cora’s found on Eos and if you’ve been flirting your ass off, it’s here that sparks will begin to fly.

Liam Kosta

Mass Effect Andromeda, Liam
Liam probably won't be one of our one night stands, he's too annoying

Status: Crew member

Romances available: Female Ryder only

Method: If you’re playing as Sara Ryder you might be tempted by Liam’s dulcet British tones. We found him incredibly annoying, but if you disagree you can spark a budding relationship with this human hunk by following a similar recipe to Cora. Flirt with Liam on the Tempest and then help him out with his movie night, before helping him out with his outpost loyalty mission. It’s after this you’ll be able to get down to business with Liam, if you’ve given him all the right signals.

Peebee (Pelessaria B’Sayle)

Peebee Mass Effect Andromeda
How could you not want to fall in love with Peebee?

Status: Crew member

Romances available: Male and female Ryder

Method: We absolutely love Peebee and know she’s been quite the hit with fans. But, unfortunately for you, she takes quite a lot of convincing to settle down. She’s more up for a night of fun. However, you can get into a more involved relationship with Peebee by flirting with her constantly on the Tempest and then constantly checking your emails for a special mission from her involving finding parts on Voeld. After that, she’ll give you an ultimatum and then it’s a case of going through her loyalty mission to cement your relationship.

Vetra Nyx

Vectra Mass Effect Andromeda
Vectra is as close to our precious Garrus that we're going to get

Status: Crew member

Romances available: Female and male Ryder

Method: We were hoping that Vetra would be the female counterpart to Garrus from the original Mass Effect trilogy. She might not be up to Garrus standards, but she’s a firm favourite of ours already. Like with the other crew members, you’ll need to flirt with her as much as you can and then complete her loyalty mission. After that, speak to her in the armoury and if you’ve played your cards right, she’ll suggest a meeting place on Kadara. If she’s in your squad, it’s then the romance will begin. And it’ll continue on the Tempest too. Vectra just can’t get enough.

Jaal Ama Darav

Jaal Mass Effect Andromeda
Jaal is a member of the cool new Angara species

Status: Crew member

Romances available: Female Ryder only

Method: Many gamers are incredibly annoyed that Jaal is straight and Scott Ryder won’t be getting any action from the resident Angara. However, the actual romance you do have with Jaal as Sara is pretty lovely. You need to speak to him after you free the Moshae on Voeld and let him know that you like having him around. It isn’t exactly flirting but if you go with him on his loyalty mission, you’ll have the option to tell him that he’s a better man than Akksul. It’s not until you take the next mission of Jaal’s loyalty arch that you actually gain his trust. Just don’t shoot Akksul and keep checking your emails.

Gil Brodie

Gil Mass Effect Andromeda
Gil only has eyes for Scott... and Liam

Status: Tempest Crew

Romances available: Male Ryder only

Method: Gil is up for a major flirt with Scott Ryder as soon as you first speak to him. After a few major story missions, regular flirting and some seriously thick sexual tension, he’ll drop you an email about meeting up on Eos. If you get the opportunity, engaging in a few hands of poker certainly won’t hurt either.

Suvi Anwar

Suvi Mass Effect Andromeda
Suvi loves lipgloss and Sara Ryder

Status: Tempest Crew

Romances available: Female Ryder only

Method: Although Kallo doesn’t seem up for some fraternising, your other pilot Suvi is looking for some lesbian loving. All you need to do is keep talking to her and eventually she’ll invite you to go for a “break”. You’ll move into Ryder’s quarters and take your steamy romance from there.

Keri T’Vessa

Keri Mass Effect Andromeda
Keri is one heck of a persistent journo

Status: Journalist on the Nexus

Romances available: Male and female Ryder

Method: Whether it’s in emails or on the Nexus, Keri is the journalist who’s always pestering Ryder for a story. Those pesky journalists, eh? Well, when you’re giving your little interviews, you can also massively flirt with her. The interviews are available on the Nexus after each major mission, just keep an eye on your emails. And you’ll be pleased to hear that you don’t have to give her any kind of exclusivity – relationship-wise anyway.

Avela Kjar

Avela Mass Effect Andromeda
Avela's the Angara option for Scott

Status: Resident of Aya

Romances available: Male Ryder only

Method: If you’re a Scott Ryder looking for some Angara action, then Avela is your only choice. After you first meet her on Aya, you can immediately start flirting with her at the docks. Visit her later at the museum on Aya and do some missions for her on Havarl and other planets. It’s only then that you’ll have a chance of boning her.

Reyes Vidal

Reyes Mass Effect Andromeda
Your Kadara contact could become a lot more

Status: A contact on Kadara

Romances available: Female and male Ryder

Method: You meet Reyes early on in the game as a contact on Kadara and it doesn’t take long for things to get hot and heavy. After you’ve completed the first mission involving him, scan the murder victim in Kadara Port. He’ll prompt you to come visit him in the Karada slums nightclub. It’s here, amongst the gyrating ladies, that your love affair with Reyes begins.

Main characters you can’t get it on with


Drack Mass Effect Andromeda
Like most Krogan, it's about breeding not sexual enjoyment

In a blow for major Mass Effect fans, it seems Drack is another Krogan you won’t be getting down and dirty with. It seems this Krogan’s breeding days are over and it’s just fighting from now on.

Lexi T’Perro

Lexi Mass Effect Andromeda
Natalie Dormer's character in Andromeda is not bangable

Anyone who’s a major fan of Natalie Dormer is going to massively bummed that they can’t have any kind of romantic relationship with Lexi T’Perro. In fact, she shoots you down incredibly early in the game, telling Ryder that he/she isn’t as interesting as he/she thinks he/she is.

Sara/Scott Ryder

Scott Ryder Mass Effect Andromeda
Scott Ryder is the male protagonist from Mass Effect Andromeda

Just don’t even ask guys…

Mass Effect Andromeda is available now worldwide on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. 

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