‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’ Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Squadmates?

It’s been a few weeks since Mass Effect: Andromeda officially launched and many players have made their way through multiple planets in the new Andromeda Galaxy. We have met, befriended and even may have fallen in love with members of our diverse crew. While not all of them follow us into battle, how well do you think you know the ones that do?

Thanks for trying out our squadmate quiz! How did you do? If it left you feeling like you don’t know your pals at all, no need to worry! Our awesome Mass Effect community has you covered. Read up on everything you may have missed including details on missions, planets and anything else related to the Mass Effect franchise. Join us in Discussions where fans talk about their favorite romances, builds and so much more.

Want more Mass Effect: Andromeda?

Check out this Romance Guide, where we tell you who you can get with and who you can’t. Can’t get enough of Peebee? Watch Peebee’s First Full Mission all over again. If you are still new to the game, be sure to check out our Character Build Guide for Beginners.

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