Marvel’s ‘The Defenders’ Gets First Teaser at Comic-Con

Marvel’s famous for dominating Hall H on Saturday nights at Comic-Con, but in San Diego this year, the first ever Marvel/Netflix panel was the hit of the show. The panel was full of surprises, like seeing Jon Bernthal make an unscheduled stop to promote his upcoming Punisher series, as well as news that Daredevil had been officially picked up for a third season. But the biggest news saw The Defenders finally take the spotlight. Take a look at this clever trailer.

That is great, though you've gotta wonder how much was spent on the trailer because songs by Nirvana don't come cheap. But "Come As You Are" is a great anthem for bringing together such a ragtag group of heroes like Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist. Also, that had to be Matt Murdock's teacher Stick talking at the end, right?

The Defenders Marvel Netflix 2017 Comic Con Teaser SDCC 2016

The Defenders has been part of the plan for Marvel and Netflix since their partnership began, becoming an Avengers-style team-up for all of New York City's greatest street level heroes. There hadn't been much word on the supergroup miniseries, so today's confirmation that The Defenders will hit Netflix before the end of next year is certainly something to celebrate.

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