Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Roster – Which Fighters Are Teaming Up This Time?

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Marvel vs Capcom Infinite is coming later this year, but although that’s very exciting, a fighting game is nothing without its fighters. Although developer Capcom has yet to confirm the full Marvel vs Capcom Infinite roster, we’ve trawled through all the gameplay trailers to discover which Marvel and Capcom characters will be making an appearance.

There have also been a few online rumours that suggest the full Marvel vs Capcom Infinite roster may not include any X-Men characters whatsoever, which seems like a bit of a strange decision due to their immense popularity.

But without further ado, here are all the Marvel vs Capcom Infinite fighters confirmed so far:

Marvel Fighters

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel – Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Roster

Captain Marvel, aka Carol Danvers and also previously Ms. Marvel, is part of the Avengers and is a skilled pilot and highly proficient in hand-to-hand combat. In the comics, she’s capable of shooting concussive energy bursts from her hands, which should come in very handy in a fight. She’s currently one of the only women in the Marvel vs Capcom Infinite roster, along with Gamora and Chun-Li.

Iron Man

Iron Man – Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Roster

Tony Stark himself, aka Iron Man, was one of the first characters confirmed for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, and it’s easy to see why. The power of the Iron Man suit makes him a very impressive fighter. Well, that and he’s one of the most widely-known superheroes of all time.

It’ll be interesting to see him team up with the other Avengers in the Marvel vs Capcom Infinite story, but also see how he fares in combat against them.


Hulk – Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Roster

Like Iron Man, the Hulk is one of those superheroes that everyone knows. It’s all down to that green sheen, ripped shorts and probably a little bit of Mark Ruffalo too. It’s not clear whether the Hulk’s less green side, Bruce Banner, will also make an appearance. However, we imagine you’ve got to be pretty angry to get in a fight with any of this lot willingly.


Thor – Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Roster

It seems like a lot of the action in the opening chapter of Marvel vs Infinite takes place on Thor‘s homeworld of Asgard – or at least a new fusion version of it made specifically for the game, called Xgard. It would be a bit strange to see such a location without the Asgardian god present or alongside the other Avengers for that matter.

Of course, Thor’s Hammer will play a huge part in his battling technique, as if you’d expect anything less.

Rocket Racoon & Groot

Rocket – Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Roster

The sassy Rocket Racoon of Guardians of the Galaxy fame is also making his way into the Marvel vs Capcom series for the very first time. With such a huge arsenal of homemade weapons at his disposal, he makes total sense for the Marvel vs Capcom Infinite roster. Not to mention he’s totally adorable, just don’t tell him that.

It also seems that he’ll be paired up with Groot at some point, rather than making the giant tree a playable character in his own right.


Hawkeye – Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Roster

Another member of the Avengers to appear in Marvel vs Capcom is the sharp-shooter Hawkeye, armed with the trademark bow and arrow attempting to take on the evil Ultron in the game’s storyline.

Sadly, his comic book love interest Black Widow is nowhere to be seen, so we’ll have to make do with just one half of that pairing for this title.


Ultron – Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Roster

Created as a highly intelligent robot, it was almost inevitable that Ultron would eventually rebel, hypnotising and brainwashing his creators into forgetting he even existed at all. Clever enough to upgrade himself, Ultron quickly became stronger and stronger, improving on his design until he was quite the formidable foe.

And nothing has changed here. He’s part of the Marvel vs Capcom Infinite roster because he’s the main antagonist for the game’s storyline and proves tricky for our battling heroes to defeat.

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange – Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Roster

As Master of the Mystic Arts and a Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange‘s magical attacks make for quite the spectacle in Marvel vs Capcom Infinite.

He may have had his own film lately, but Doctor Strange is one of the lesser known comic book heroes, and it’s a shame because his back story is fairly tragic. Once a surgeon, Strange was involved in a car accident that caused him to lose all his fine motor skills. He searched for a cure, but instead found someone who could instead cure his soul.


Nova - Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Roster

Nova, aka Richard Rider, is a member of the intergalactic police force known as the Nova Corps. Joining this force gave him superhuman abilities including enhanced strength, flight and increased resistance.

We’ve always though Nova looks like a brilliant cross between Iron Man and Mermaid Man from SpongeBob SquarePants‘ International Justice League of Super Acquaintances.


Thanos – Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Roster

Thanos, another character from Guardians of the Galaxy and other Marvel movies, seems to be on the good side for once with a little persuasion from Gamora, despite being a Titanium mutant-Eternal superbeing, who also happens to be a supervillain. Well, at least in the Marvel vs Capcom Infinite story anyway.

We’re sure that he won’t be fighting for good when he’s in the ring against other Marvel characters.

Captain America

Captain America – Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Roster

Finishing off the line-up of Avengers comes Captain America, who even seems willing to share his trademark shield with Capcom’s Mega Man X in the Marvel vs Capcom Infinite storyline. The Captain, Steve Rogers, is looking more muscly than ever in this iteration and determined to take down Ultron and his crew.


Gamora – Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Roster

Although it’s not actually been confirmed that Gamora will be a playable character in the Marvel vs Capcom Infinite roster, she’s certainly part of the main storyline for the game. She’s the one that persuades Thanos to work with the Marvel vs Capcom crew to find the Infinity Stones. We’d be happy to see her fighting style and love of guns make it into the game as a playable fighter though.


It wouldn’t be a Marvel vs Capcom game without Spider-Man. In fact, several of the games feature in our list of best Spider-Man games of all time. And thankfully, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite is keeping us happy with another Spidey feature.

Black Panther

Black Panther - Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Roster

Black Panther technically won’t feature in the base game, but if you buy the Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Deluxe Edition, you’ll get access to six all-new DLC characters, including Black Panther. Capcom has yet to confirm who the five other characters will be, but at least we know that the Panther will be making an appearance.

Capcom Fighters

Mega Man X

Mega Man X – Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Roster

Mega Man X seems to be the main hero on the Capcom side of things in Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. So much so that Captain America actually lends him his shield – what an honour. Mega Man X though has been the star of many a Capcom title since the early 90s, with his name usually just abbreviated to X.

He’s a Maverick Hunter also with partners Zero and Axl, the former of which is another confirmed fighter for the Marvel vs Capcom Infinite roster.


Ryu - Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Roster

Ryu might be the main man in the Street Fighter series, but in Marvel vs Capcom he’s taking a bit of a back seat. But it wouldn’t really be a Marvel vs Capcom game without him, because he’s appeared in almost every crossover fighting title as well as every Street Fighter game to date. He’s one of the iconic Capcom characters and we’d miss his red gloves if he wasn’t there.


Chun-Li – Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Roster

In fact, fellow Street Fighter champion Chun-Li has had more screen time in the Marvel vs Capcom trailers to date than Ryu. As third and final female fighter for the game, it’s hard to think of a character as iconic as Chun-Li, who’s always happy to get into a scrap, especially with Ryu, who she greatly admires.

Strider Hiryu

Strider Hiryu – Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Roster

Strider Hiryu is the main protagonist of Capcom’s action platformer series, Strider. Originally designed as a futuristic ninja, Strider’s focus on melee attacks will mean getting up close and personal in a fight, which is just what you want from a Marvel vs Capcom title.

He’s technically a high-tech ninja-like mercenaries with a specialisation in kidnapping, assassination, demolition and more, which might just come in handy for the Marvel vs Capcom story.


Arthur – Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Roster

Don’t dismiss Arthur just because he’s far smaller than the other fighters on the Marvel vs Capcom roster. He’s the hero in Capcom’s Ghosts ‘n Goblins series, which is a classic run and gun platformer originally released in 1985. Brilliantly animated in Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, Arthur is a perfect slice of Capcom history.

Chris Redfield

Chris Redfield – Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Roster

You’ll recognise Chris Redfield and his specific get-up from various entries of the Resident Evil game series and a member of STARS – the Special Tactics and Rescue Service. He’s always been Team Alpha’s point man and is quite the dab hand with a pistol, as no doubt you’ll see in Marvel vs Capcom.


Dante – Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Roster

From Resident Evil to Devil May Cry comes Dante. He’s the lead character in the first three Devil May Cry games and just happens to be the son of the legendary demon knight Sparda and his human wife Eva. He was also a playable character in the fourth entry and is now making his way into Marvel vs Capcom Infinite.

Nathan ‘Rad’ Spencer

Spencer – Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Roster

Protagonist and hero of the Bionic Commando series, Nathan ‘Rad’ Spencer – or just Spencer as he’s known in Marvel vs Capcom Infinite – and he was originally a member of the Federal States of America’s Armed Forces. But when he lost his left arm to a grenade (ouch), he became one of the first test subjects for bionic technology by the FSA’s military intelligence system. It was there that he gained the codename ‘Research and Development 1’ or RAD1, and eventually the nickname Rad stuck.


Zero – Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Roster

Zero is another protagonist of the Mega Man X game series and also the main hero for his own Mega Man Zero game series. He’s one of the higest ranking Marverick Hunters, but it seems he’s been taken onto the dark side in the Marvel vs Capcom Infinite story, with X suggesting that his core routines have been rewritten by the Grandmaster, which doesn’t sound good in the slightest.

Grandmaster Meio

Grandmaster Meio – Marvel vs Capcom Infinite roster

And speaking of the Grandmaster – that’s Grandmaster Meio from the Strider series by the way – it looks like he’s working with Ultron to make sure the Capcom x Marvel crew “bear witness to the death of your world”.

Grandmaster Meio is a being of nearly godlike powers, but his true origins isn’t known, although there are plenty of theories. but what you need to know for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite is that he has a wide variety of attacks, from the simple use of energy attacks to being able to summon organic lifeforms to unleash on his foes. Creepy.

Jedah Dohma

Jedah Dohma, of Darkstalkers fame, is another brand new character coming to Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. This sinister character always seeks to control others, but he’s also an S-Class Darkstalker, making him  one of the most dangerous supernatural beings in the Darkstalkers series.


Michael Haggar is the deuteragonist of the Final Fight series and an ex-wrestler from Slam Masters and although he’s never been a playable character in Street Fighter, he’s always been a major enemy to the Mad Gear Gang. Now, it’s Haggar’s time to shine.


You might recognise Nemesis as one of the most well-known bosses in the Resident Evil series – aside from maybe Albert Wesker. He’s a tyrant known for his relentlessness, strength, sheer stamina and surprisingly high intellect, but he is tasked with hunting down and killing all surviving members of Special Tactics and Rescue Service. Quite the force to be reckoned with.

Frank West

It’s quite the line-up already, but we’re particularly excited to see Dead Rising‘s Frank West as part of Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. He’s your stereotypical photojournalist chasing the story of the zombie outbreak, and now he’s ready to kick super-villain butt in this fighting game.

Rumoured Fighters

If a leak from notoriously accurate NeoGAF tipster, Ryce, is to be believed, the Marvel vs Capcom Infinite roster will be rounded out by the following seven characters – and if Spider-Man is missing from the full game, we’re not buying it because we all know Marvel vs Capcom titles are some of the best Spider-Man games of all time:

  • Firebrand (Marvel)
  • Monster Hunter (Capcom)
  • Morrigan (Darkstalkers – Capcom)
  • Ant-Man (Marvel)
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