#MyFandom: An Interview with the Marvel Database Community

#MyFandom is a biweekly Twitter Q&A highlighting Wikia communities and pop culture influencers who love to geek out hard over their favorite fandoms. The latest program showcased our friends at Marvel Database.

Is there anything Marvel can’t do right now? The entertainment giant seems unstoppable, and the anticipation for their upcoming projects are through the roof. From Netflix’s Luke Cage to this November’s Doctor Strange starring Benedict Cumberbatch, there’s a lot to get excited about regarding Marvel’s future.

That’s why we cornered a mega-fan at Marvel Database to get his take on things to come. With over 3 million global visitors and 11 million page views in just the last month, the Marvel Database has proven to be a resourceful stomping ground for any and all Marvel fans.

@getfandom: What was the first comic that made you a fan of Marvel?
@MarvelDatabase: Spectacular Spider-Man 203: I wondered, “What’s wrong with Spidey?”
spectacular spider-man marvel database

@getfandom: Who is your favorite Marvel comic book character?
@MarvelDatabase: Too many to choose! How about classic Mimic? I even cosplayed as him once.
Marvel Mimic cosplay marvel database

@getfandom: What do you think of Tom Holland as Peter Parker?

@getfandom: What are you hoping to see happen in Spider-Man: Homecoming?
@MarvelDatabase: They’ve teased for so long, I want to see progression to the Sinister Six!
Marvel Sinister Six marvel database

@getfandom: What do you think is next for the Avengers after the events of Captain America: Civil War?
@MarvelDatabase: If the comics guide us, 50-State Initiative & Mighty Avengers led by Captain Marvel!

@getfandom: Use a gif to represent your reaction to Brie Larson being cast as Captain Marvel.

@getfandom: What’s been your favorite Marvel Netflix show so far, and why?

@getfandom: What’s the best Marvel comic to read right now?
@MarvelDatabase: Spider-Gwen is actually still very good, which surprised everyone, I think.

@getfandom: When do you think we’ll start really seeing Thanos come into play in the MCU?
@MarvelDatabase: I’m hoping in my lifetime, but at this pace, odds aren’t looking good.

@getfandom: There are so many Marvel projects coming up between TV, comics, and movies: which one are you most looking forward to seeing?
@MarvelDatabase: Avengers: Infinity War, How they can pull this one off?!?
Marvel Avengers Infinity War marvel database

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