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Doctor Strange is the most recent addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it’s been a real hit. We here at Fandom really enjoyed Benedict Cumberbatch’s arrival as a superhero. Not only that, but we discovered a number of Easter Eggs worth detailing in this video. For longtime readers, a reference to Marvel Comics’ Mindless Ones really stuck out in the film. Though to discuss it involves SPOILERS, so be prepared.


There’s Mads Mikkelson pictured above. He plays Doctor Strange‘s lead villain Kaecilius. Things don’t end too well for him as he’s transformed into a grey husk at the film’s end. His trip to the Dark Dimension seems to be one way, though it also gives a hint to the next Doctor Strange film. Short version: Kaecilius and his lackeys are transformed into the classic Doctor Strange enemies, The Mindless Ones.

Who Are The Mindless Ones?

Marvel Comics Mindless Ones

The Mindless Ones have been battling Stephen Strange and other Marvel heroes for more than 50 years. The army of hulking brutes was first seen in Strange Tales #127. Created by Steve Ditko and Stan Lee, they’re the unruly residents of the Dark Dimension. They are super strong, very tough, can blast lasers from their eyes, and know only the desire to fight.

The Mindless Ones couldn’t be more different than the cerebral Doctor Strange, so they make for compelling enemies from the start. Sometimes they work alone, but usually they work for the very powerful Dormammu.

What’s Their Job?

Marvel Comics Mindless Ones

The Mindless Ones are most associated with Dormammu, who controls this violent army from the Dark Dimension. He often uses them in plans to invade Earth. That usually puts them in conflict with not just Doctor Strange, but all his marvelous, avenging friends.

Thor, Deadpool, Hulk, Spider-Man, and even S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Agent Coulson have battled The Mindless Ones many times. If you want an all out battle against enemies that can’t really “die,” The Mindless Ones are a great choice. They even play a substantial role in recent Marvel Comics events.

Where Are They in the Current Comics?

Marvel Comics Mindless Ones

Original Sin was Marvel’s big comic event in 2014, and The Mindless Ones played a big part in that. They helped ransack The Watcher‘s home and got into some titanic brawls, like the above one with The Thing. They even went through something of a transformation getting a rare moment of sentience.

In both comics and games like LEGO Marvel, The Mindless Ones often appear as fun cannon-fodder. Their appearances in comics have only increased in the last few years. Does this hint at big plans for the mystical drones?

Will We See Mindless Ones in Future Films

Marvel Comics Mindless Ones

That’s where we return to Mads Mikkelson and his character’s fate. By entering Dormammu’s realm, his body and those of the other Zealots disappear and their eyes give way to a single red line. They have a lot in common with the comic versions, and they’re the type of enemies the MCU loves.

While it’s easy to assume they’ll return in the Doctor Strange sequel, I think there are bigger plans. Remember both Avengers films: Whether alien invaders or killer robots, both had action scenes full of destruction against inhuman armies. The Mindless Ones fit that need perfectly. So who’s to say they don’t battle all the Avengers in the ultimate MCU film, Infinity War?

Welcome to the MCU, Mindless Ones. Here’s hoping you’re more than an Easter Egg the next time we see you.

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