The Many Faces of Kryptonite on ‘Smallville’

Joseph Wilbur

Superman may be the “Man of Steel” but he’s not completely invincible. Radioactive minerals that composed Krypton’s structure are one of the few things that can break the “Last Son of Krypton” steel skin. But not all of the meteor rocks affect Clark Kent the same way. We examine the many different types of Kryptonite featured throughout the show Smallville.

Green Kryptonite

smallville hand holding a green rock of kryptonite

No list of Kryptonite would be complete without the most familiar form of the alien rock: green Kryptonite. Largely considered the most common form, this rock composes the majority of Krypton’s structure. Green Kryptonite emits a radiation that is extremely toxic to super-powered Kryptonians, as in this case with our hero, Clark Kent.

smallville pilot energy transferred from one man to another

This rock doesn’t just affect Kryptonians. Long-term exposure to the green meteor rocks significantly affects humans, often resulting in a type of psychosis. In Smallville, humans affected by the green rocks are labeled “meteor freaks.”

Red Kryptonite

clark kent smallville with glowing red eyes

Red Kryptonite brings out the “bad side” of Kryptonians and rids them of their inhibitions. The effects are likened to that of being under the influence of too much alcohol, however, it doesn’t have any negative physical effects on Kryptonians.

smallville red kryptonite in fist

Just like green Kryptonite, the red version can also affect humans. While mere physical contact won’t change humans, entering the bloodstream can affect humans just as much as it affects Kryptonians. This is shown in the episode “Crimson” when traces of it enter Lois Lane‘s body through her red Kryptonite lipstick. The lipstick causes her to fall madly in love with the first male she sees which, in this case, is Clark Kent.

Blue Kryptonite


Unlike other types of the meteor rock, blue Kryptonite doesn’t visually affect Kryptonians. Its only effect is the removal of their abilities. While it has no real physical detriment, a Kryptonian without powers turns them into that of a mere moral.

While the rock does affect humans, it doesn’t in the way you might think. The blue rocks actually improve human health, and continual consumption of blue Kryptonite puts humans in a perfect state of health.

Gold Kryptonite


The deadliest and the rarest, gold Kryptonite is considered the ultimate form of the meteor rock. Using this against a Kryptonian negates their healing abilities and can remove their powers for eternity. Unlike other rocks, wounds from “Gold K” are permanent, and will leave scars if used to injure a Kryptonian.

Clear Kryptonite

clear kryptonite necklace smallville

You may be wondering, “what in the world could clear Kryptonite do?” Well, not really anything. Clear Kryptonite is green Kryptonite that has been neutralized and is harmless to Kryptonians. However, because it is from Krypton, it can be used to pierce Superman’s skin, but unlike the other forms, it doesn’t emit any radiation.

Gemstone Kryptonite

smallville gemstone kryptonite

Not all Kryptonite is naturally occurring. Gemstone Kryptonite is actually a processed form found in a Smallville quarry. Another one of the rarest forms of the rock, this type grants the power of hypnotic persuasion to Kryptonians, enabling them to verbally compel others to obey their commands. But it doesn’t just work on others, like in the episode “Persuasion” when Clark accidentally hypnotizes himself.

Unlike most other forms of Kryptonite, this variation has no effects on humans and no physical effects on Kryptonians.

Silver Kryptonite

smallville silver kryptonite

Silver Kryptonite is another variation that isn’t natural. However, this type was created by the Kryptonian, Brainiac. Only a small sliver of this rock can have massive effects on a Kryptonian. Just by pricking a finger on one of these rocks induces intense hallucinations and paranoia. And that’s not all. Silver Kryptonite can also pierce a Kryptonian’s skin, and it slows their healing abilities at the site of their wound. However, a Kryptonian’s abilities still remain at full peak.

Black Kryptonite

smallville black kryptonite in a secure case

Black Kryptonite has rather strange effects, even compared to the other forms. This variation can be used to split Kryptonians into two opposing personalities: one good and one evil, one light and one dark, one free and one controlled, one tame and one ferocious, one human and one monster. And it doesn’t just effect Kryptonians. Upon being freshly heated, it can result in the splitting of human personalities as well, as evidenced in the episode “Onyx” when we saw two versions of Lex Luthor.

Joseph Wilbur
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