What Makes ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Different in the MCU? We Dig Into the New Teaser

Henry Gilbert
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The first teaser trailer for the next Thor solo film has dropped. As you can expect, the internet went nuts for it, as you’d expect any time we get a new look at Thor: Ragnarok. We here at Fandom have so many thoughts about the teaser trailer, wondering if they showed too much and deconstructing it second by second. Believe it or not, though, Fandom has even more to say about the film, and we went straight to Facebook Live to do it. Fandom’s social superstar Jack DeVries sat down with Marvel zombie Henry Gilbert to take apart the teaser piece by piece.

Henry and Jack need all 30 minutes of Facebook Live video to ask the important questions. Does this trailer strike the right tone for the series? Will we miss all the human characters from the first two films? Do the Guardians of the Galaxy show up since the tone and setting of Thor: Ragnarok is similar? How does all this relate to the Thor tease at the end of Doctor Strange? What’s the deal with Jeff Goldblum’s Grandmaster and does he have an Infinity Stone like he did in the comics?

Jack and Henry dig into that and so much more, including Chris Hemsworth’s haircut, his workout routine, some of the surprising comic book inspirations and much MUCH more. Give a watch and be sure to check out more of our Asgardian content.


Henry Gilbert
Henry Gilbert is Senior Games Editor at Fandom. He's worked in the gaming press since 2008, writing for sites as diverse as GamesRadar, IGN, and Paste Magazine. He's also been known to record a podcast or two with Laser Time. Follow him on Twitter @henereyg.
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