Who Are the Main Players in the Great War?

TV Game of Thrones
TV Game of Thrones

With Season 7 of Game of Thrones promising war on all fronts, fans are looking for a breakdown of where each faction left off at the end of Season 6.

Queen Cersei Lannister brutally seized power and now sits on the Iron Throne, but her rule is already at stake. She and her brother Jamie are determined to destroy the enemies surrounding them on all sides.

Daenerys Targaryen of the east commands a massive alliance of ships and soldiers. From her ancestral home of Dragonstone, she stands ready to assume the Iron Throne she knows is rightfully hers. At her side are Yara and Theon Greyjoy from the Iron Islands of the west.

In Winterfell, Jon Snow rules as King of the North with the help of the northern houses, the Knights of the Vale, and the Wildlings from beyond the Wall. But the greatest threat of all is not the war for the Iron Throne, but an enemy Jon experienced firsthand beyond the Wall. A threat that won’t be defeated unless Jon, Sansa Stark, and their allies can unite all of the Seven Kingdoms: the Night King and his hordes of White Walkers. If the Night King makes it beyond the wall, the Great War will have begun. And the war for the Iron Throne may never matter.

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