‘Mafia III’: 5 Reasons to Visit New Bordeaux

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Slated to release Oct. 7, Mafia III is the latest in the open-world crime franchise published by 2K Games. Even though this is the first title for their relatively new studio Hangar 13, the game is already shaping up to be one of the biggest games this fall. While it stays true to the overall themes of its predecessors, it manages to do so in a way that feels fresh and new. In conjunction with our partners at 2K, here are 5 things both series veterans and newbies alike can look forward to in Mafia III.

The Soundtrack

The Mafia III soundtrack features over 100 songs picked specifically to fit the 1960s Deep South setting of the game. The music sets the mood for each moment and includes a mix of  classic rock, soul and a bit of rhythm and blues along with a hint of Zydeco — a fast-tempo musical style dear to the hearts of the Creole people. In addition to the great sounds of the era, the soundtrack also portrays the mood and emotions of the protagonist Lincoln Clay, adding to the depth of the character.

The Location

The Ciy of New Bordeaux in Mafia III

Mafia III is set in New Bordeaux, a city strongly based on a late ’60s-era New Orleans. A city full of life, sounds, and music. Jazz clubs line the streets downtown and are open day and night. A mix of French, Italian, American, Irish, Haitian and African cultural influences permeate the city. “Wage Peace” can be seen spray painted on many of the walls in the vibrant city’s 10 districts. There’s no better setting for a revenge story as intense as Mafia III‘s.

The Era

The year is 1968. A time in the Deep South when racism and hate were as popular as bourbon and whiskey. Walking the streets at night was only slightly more dangerous than walking them during the day. The Italian mafia defined the meaning of “organized crime” and was quick to pass punishment to anyone obstructing their path to power. This is also the same year that Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. The Vietnam war was still in full swing but the public just wanted it to end. It was a very tense time politically. It’s the perfect setting for some really compelling and in-depth storytelling.

The Antihero

Mafia III main character Lincoln Clay was orphaned as a child but is eventually adopted by the city’s Black Mob (a group previously associated with the Marcano Crime Family) where he finds the semblance of a father and a brother in Sammy and Ellis Robinson. It seems like the family he has always longed for. Upon returning from the Vietnam War, Clay discovers his family has been betrayed and slaughtered by the Italian Mob. Clay becomes fixated on revenge and declares war against the Italians. During the story progression, Clay allies himself with other criminals and builds an empire of his own to battle his enemies.

The Underbosses

A sitdown with the underbosses in Mafia III

Lincoln Clay, still seeking revenge for the death of his surrogate family, allies himself with several local New Bordeaux crime lords. Vito Scaletta, Thomas Burke, and Cassandra, the Voodoo Queen, all have their reasons for siding with Clay and turning against the Marcano Crime Family. And they are all extremely dangerous individuals. During certain “sitdown” segments of the game, Clay will ask these underbosses for advice, and can assign them tasks or control of certain sections of the city. This opens up a world of twists and turns within Mafia III. As a player, you can choose to keep balance and harmony between the three bosses and make sure everyone gets a piece of the action. Or you can choose favorites. Just know that if you shun an underboss too often, they may decide they have had enough and turn against you.

Mafia III‘s in-depth story and enormous open world should keep players busy for hours. when it comes out Oct. 7, 2016, on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.


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