‘Mad Monster Party’ Makes Its Vinyl Debut

The soundtrack to the Halloween classic is finally coming to vinyl. Waxwork Records is about to release the music of Mad Monster Party after nearly 50 years. Until now the songs and musical score featured in the film have only been available on CD, but thanks to one of the best record labels in the business this album will get the platinum treatment it deserves.

Mad Monster Party is a must see for Halloween fans and kids at heart. The movie was produced by the Rankin/Bass animation team after Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer and before Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town, and even today it still stands out as one of the most unique and entertaining holiday specials ever made. It’s an underrated classic.

Waxwork Records are now fully established as a giant in the field of genre soundtracks. Their releases are all prestigious and have gone on to be valuable for collectors and audiophiles alike. In 2016 they have produced amazing versions of the soundtracks to Léon: The Professional, Altered States, From Beyond and the 70’s street gang classic The Warriors.

Is it worth getting?

This record is going to be huge for the audience that grew up loving Mad Monster Party. The CD version that currently exists contains the majority of Maury Laws’ instrumentals and Jules Bass’ songs sung by Boris Karloff, Gale Garnett, Ethel Ennis and the always over the top Phyllis Diller. Waxwork Records just boasted that this will be “an actual, complete soundtrack thought to have never been possible.” It’s a Halloween Xmas miracle.


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