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‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Black-and-White Version Coming to Home Video

Mad Max: Fury Road is destined to be a cinematic classic. Director George Miller has repeatedly said that he planned a black-and-white version of the film for home release, and today makes that promise a reality. A six-disc collection of all four Mad Max films has popped up for pre-order through Amazon Germany. The set will contain tons of special features for all of the films, but the most enticing offer is the “Black and Chrome” version of Mad Max: Fury Road. Not only will this version be in glorious black-and-white but it will also strip the soundtrack down to just the isolated score. George Miller has said that this version is the “purest and most stripped-down version of Fury Road you can imagine.”

As someone who believes that Mad Max: Fury Road is a near-perfect experience, I’m eager to consume every version of the film that’s made available to me. I must admit that stripping away the color doesn’t immediately sound like something I’d be on board with; the vibrant colors of Mad Max: Fury Road are part of the reason I adore the film. However, it’s possible I held a similar viewpoint when Frank Darabont‘s adaptation of Stephen King‘s The Mist was released. That film also had a black-and-white version released on home video and I consider that to be the definitive way to watch The Mist. It’s possible that I’ll have the same change of heart when I see the black-and-white version of Mad Max: Fury Road.

There isn’t an announcement for an American release of this set but I imagine it can’t be far behind. Mad Max: Fury Road is a movie that has permeated the culture in the best of ways, and I’m betting that collectors are chomping at the bit for this collection. I know I am.

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