‘Luke Cage’ Watchalong: Chapter 6, “Suckas Need Bodyguards”

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Welcome to the Luke Cage watchalong! This new entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe joined its brethren (Daredevil and Jessica Jones) on September 30 on Netflix, and we want you to watch along with us. Over the next several weeks, we’re going to run recaps and reactions to all thirteen episodes in the show’s first season. If you haven’t started watching, read this article at your own risk. SPOILERS will occur!

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We begin with a welcome crossover/Easter Egg from Jessica Jones – radio show Trish Talk hosted by old friend of Jessica, Trish Walker. There can only be one subject – Luke Cage. Trish realises that the only people who don’t like Luke are those who have not actually met him. Or people like Cottonmouth who is currently meeting up with Scarfe to get his weapons back. A fight ensues after Scarfe demands $100,000 and ends with a bullet in the crooked cops gut.

Scarfe is shot

Corrupt Councilwoman Mariah Dillard is arranging an interview as Luke passes and promises to ruin both her and her cousin. Bobby meets him for breakfast at Claire Temple’s mother’s diner. They agree to keep the shop open even though neither are barbers. Bobby recommends getting paid for fighting crime in reference to the Heroes for Hire business Marvel Comics Luke Cage ran.

Both Stokes are furious at one another. Councilwoman Dillard is angry Cottonmouth shot a cop and that it might have alerted the cops to their activities but he remains too proud to stop going after Cage. Mariah recommends drowning him, setting him on fire, poisoning him or even finding a woman Luke cares for. Anything that could be a weakness. Cottonmouth later places a call to his other informant in the police department about Scarfe.


Mrs Temple has called Claire when she noticed Luke sitting in a both. Bobby introduces himself after Cage is stunned by her sudden reappearance. There is a lot of awkward silences. What little conversation takes place revolves around Luke and his abilities before he leaves with Claire chasing after him.

Luke meets Claire

Misty and her entire department are ordered to hunt down Scarfe. Despite evidence and specialists siding against her, Misty refuse to believe Scarfe might be dirty and is paired with Perez, Cottonmouth’s other informant in the search. Scarfe has since gone to the one place that nobody would think to look – with Luke as Claire patches up his wound. Misty is performing her envisioning trick back at Scarfe’s apartment as Perez makes fun of her almost mockingly. A picture of a child reveals that Scarfe once had a son but he shot himself using the police gun his father had.


Complications are arising in Claire’s operation. One of the bullets might have caused internal bleeding and it might be fatal. She extracts the other as Luke demands information with Scarfe revealing Cottonmouth is – big surprise – behind everything. Luke presses about Chico and the truth comes out for which Scarfe is almost choked to death without any signs of a struggle. Claire convinces him not to press though it appears that Scarfe wouldn’t have fought back anyway. It might be guilt from the murder. A deal is struck when the patient reveals he can put away Cottonmouth with his notes of contacts and dirty cops in exchange for Luke helping him.

Despite Misty and Perez keeping watch on Scarfe’s apartment, Luke breaks in and finds the notes. When the pair get to the front door, Luke jumps from the window and lands on both feet. He manages to get to Pop’s but the cops – corrupt or no – know where he is. Claire arranges to use her mother’s delivery van as incognito transport. Mrs Temple promises to kill Luke if Claire gets a single scratch. The trio depart for Police Plaza as it should contain enough cops that Cottonmouth doesn’t own.

Superhero landing!

Councilwoman Dillard is undergoing a live interview at her home as Cottonmouth calls in all the police he owns and puts word out for a price on Scarfe’s head. It is ironically the exact amount Scarfe wanted in the first place – $100,000. A gang quickly spots the van and gives chase. Luke drops into an alley and scrapes the van against the wall. He then tunnels through into the building as the gang gives chase.

Closing Words

Misty hears a call of ‘shots fired’ over the radio and wants to check it out but Perez quiets the horns under the pretence of protecting her from seeing a dead partner. Suspicion compels Misty to fake a call to Scarfe and record a confession from Perez. The pair struggle over a gun with Misty emerging victorious and cuffing her perp.

Things are also going badly for Councilwoman Dillard when the interview swings towards her family’s criminal history. She is questioned about the raid on her offices where money was being stormed and over the potential involvement of Luke Cage. Dillard calls the attacks unwarranted and forces the news crew out of her house as the thugs catch up to Luke.

Scarfe is in a bad way, feeling cold and asking to see his son. Luke saves the pair from a speeding SUV as Misty arrives and Scarfe collapses. He has just enough time to apologise before the blood loss overcomes him and his heart stops beating. Misty is able to arrest Cottonmouth with the information and Dillard is accosted by the leaving news crew over his arrest.

Scarfe dies from blood loss

Luke and Claire walk back to Pop’s together and it seems like Luke might be moving on. Claire offers to help him test out his powers and he offers to get coffee. The response is a quick ‘I’m not sleeping with you’. Our hero asks why coffee can’t just be coffee anymore but Claire noticed that he drank orange juice before with his breakfast instead of coffee.


  • Scarfe might have been crooked as could be but he tried to do the right thing in the end. It was sad to watch him go.
  • Cottonmouth finally getting arrested is a key moment and leaves the main villain spot open. The look of satisfaction on Misty’s face didn’t hurt either.
  • “Why don’t we start by getting some coffee first?” “I’m not sleeping with you.” This is my new favourite part of the entire show – and possibly television – so far.
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