‘Lucifer’ Comics Characters We Want to See on TV


The FOX television network series Lucifer, based on the Vertigo comic of the same name, has earned itself a second season, which premiered last week. Thanks to terrific acting by Tom Ellis as the titular character and the playing of smooth-as-silk Lucifer off against tough cop Chloe Decker and self-righteous angel Amenadiel (Lauren German and D.B. Woodside), the show retains its cheeky demeanor against a dark background.

With Tricia Helfer joining the cast as “Mom“, we cast our eyes back to the Vertigo comics and series the show draws its inspiration from and wonder what characters might create the most interesting plots in the television universe.

We Want to See These Lucifer Characters on TV…



Gabriel the archangel from Vertigo - Lucifer

If Amenadiel is self-righteous, Gabriel is doubly so. A high-ranking angel of the heavenly host, his power has turned cities to rubble and wiped out scores of humans. He acts under the will of God but, appears to have little empathy for the individuals of our species. He is a bludgeoning weapon, accomplishing his goals with little regard for collateral damage. This can play against both Lucifer, who cares about Chloe, and Amenadiel, who at least appears to show some interest in the well-being of us mere mortals.


Azazel from Vertigo

A character that would throw a wrench into Amenadiel’s relationship with Lucifer would be Azazel. In the comics, he is one of the “co-rulers” of Hell, deposed when Lucifer locked the gates. His story is much longer, of course, but how great would it be to see another powerful being hunting down Lucifer because he wants the job he gave up? Amenadiel may or may not want Azazel in that position, but Lucifer certainly didn’t in the comics. This would leave Amenadiel more frustrated that ever, as not only would Lucifer continue to reject his position in Hell, but he also wouldn’t want it given to another, either.

Further complicating matters is that Azazel has little physical form to speak of, appearing as a black void of varying size and shape, complete with multiple sets of sharp teeth. Place him in the television series, and he could serve as a killer able to either jump from one host to another or as a being able to shift form.


Destiny from Vertigo

If Lucifer has revealed anything about his true desires, it’s that he completely and utterly rejects any sort of “plan” assigned to him by his father. What better way to frustrate him completely than to introduce Destiny, the keeper of the book that holds all the futures of everyone within? He is one of the few beings capable of getting under Lucifer’s skin, inciting some pretty epic fits of anger. Lucifer has always considered himself the master of his own fate, and learning he is still following along on God’s path for him would unnerve him to no end. What is truly his choice in everything we’ve seen?

Elaine Belloc

Elaine Belloc from Vertigo

No conversation of the Lucifer comics would be complete without at least a mention of Elaine Belloc for, despite the title of the comic, she proves to be the main character driving the plot forward. Her history is a fairly complex one that involves a fallen angel wanting to create an army of angelic beings with the power to assault Heaven – thus Elaine is created with the intention of having her mother all of these soldiers. Lucifer rescues her, and it comes to light that she is his niece.

To be honest, the first time Chloe was revealed as having the ability to make Lucifer “mortal” by proximity alone, the suspicion was that she could be the television version of Elaine. If she is, it likely isn’t that her fate would remain the same; after all, Elaine becomes nothing short of a goddess in the comics. It would throw Lucifer for a loop finding out that Chloe is his niece, and then we’d likely have to see his twin brother Michael.

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