‘The Lost Boys’ Show Is Coming to The CW

The Lost Boys is a treasure. The seminal ’80s vampire flick ranks right up there with Tom Holland’s Fright Night as one of the best modern adaptations of Dracula ever produced. Joel Schumacher’s tale of teen angst and vampires is a fish out of water story that perfectly encapsulates the style and vibe of the time while still being fun. The Lost Boys is entertaining, goofy, scary and more enjoyable than it has any right to be. Even the soundtrack is amazing.

The CW has just announced that the network will be launching a new series loosely based on the film with an entirely new angle as the hook. This version of The Lost Boys is being developed as a seven season anthology featuring new people and settings with each chapter. The vampires stay the same, but the location is set to change with each decade. This basically means that the heart of the show will be centered on the group of vampires instead of the humans they affect.

The original film was a perfect take on the new family in a new town horror trope. Jason Patrick, Corey Haim, and Dianne Wiest move to Santa Carla. They quickly find themselves wrapped up in a dangerous and deadly scenario where the bad kids in town are actually murderous bloodsuckers. Kiefer Sutherland’s David is one of his best and most iconic roles, and the gang of vampires he leads are ridiculous and threatening at the same time. The Frog brothers get a lot of love from fans, but they are just a small piece of everything that makes this film so great.

Do We Need a Lost Boys Show?

The Vampire Diaries is on its last leg, and The CW is obviously looking to quench their audience’s bloodlust. Reworking The Lost Boys seems like an easy choice considering the movie is beloved by a niche crowd and taking major liberties will likely have little effect on the average TV viewer. The premise could find the characters in interesting situations, but recapturing the magic of the 1987 film is something the show will have a difficult time doing. Season one will be set in San Francisco in the summer of ’67, and the ongoing storyline will focus on what it’s like to be immortal. Sounds like a perfect question for Tim Cappello.


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