Looking Back At Agent DiNozzo

Graham Host

Having watched enough unordered NCIS to get a vague overview of the show, I promised myself that I would watch everything from the beginning in order to fully understand the entire plot of the show. I saw probie McGee become a fully fledged agent, watched Kate’s dramatic departure, her replacement with Ziva and her subsequent replacement by Elanor Bishop. Each character has brought something special to the show. Whether it’s the ex-Mrs. Gibbs (numbers 1-4) or the friendly-antagonistic relationship between Gibbs and Fornell, every character has their own little something and their own deep personalities. So, with Michael Weatherly stepping off the set for what will very probably be the last time, let’s take one last look at Very Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo.

His Love For Film

Springing back to his childhood, this is lifetime hobby that has quite a tearful origin. His mother was the one who introduced him to the silver screen and watched an old monochromatic show with him on their last day together. Having lost her at such a young age, watching films is likely the only way that he can feel close to her again.

Very Special Agent

The smooth-talking, sharp-dressing NCIS official has a habit of introducing himself as ‘Very Special Agent’ to various people. Everyone from high-up officials to women in bars knows him as the senior field agent who is indeed, ‘Very Special’. But it’s not simple ego that drives him, or an overwhelming pride. Growing up, Anthony DiNozzo Sr. wasn’t around very much and his son was often alone and ignored. Calling himself ‘Very Special’ is just an attempt to validate his existence after years of being ignored and sidelined.

The Many Women

DiNozzo Senior and Abi

One day, I will probably sit down and count to see who had more successful romantic encounters: Joey Tribianni or Anthony DiNozzo Jr. Regardless of which Italian comes out on top, Anthony didn’t have much of a stable upbringing with his mother dying and his father remarrying several times. One time, his father divorced, remarried and divorced again without Tony knowing at all. Despite his wicked ways, Tony always respected women and even once became distraught over learning a one-night stand from the previous year had a car crash. He blamed himself for not keeping a closer eye on his companion of days gone by.


Beware the Gibbs Stare

This was a long and tricky road. Gibbs and Tony first met in Baltimore when Tony tackled and arrested a certain undercover NCIS agent. After learning his partner was crooked, Tony accepted the offer to work with Gibbs at NCIS and never looked back. Gibbs filled not just the role of superior and mentor but became a role model and something of a father figure. Although the two never developed a touchy-feely relationship, they became close friends and would constantly have the other’s back.

Ziva David

Although the departure of Tony leaves a bittersweet taste in my mouth, it at least gave a satisfying (if mournful) conclusion to their relationship. Since her arrival in the third season, Ziva and Tony had a playful will-they-wont-they tone to their relationship. Although Tony would ultimately admit that he had fallen for her, Ziva quit NCIS and chose to move back to Israel. Unknown to Tony, she would have a daughter and raised her without telling anyone beyond the new head of Mossad. When Tony is granted custody of his new child, he is astonished to learn with the aid of a photograph that Ziva had taught her to think of him as her father.

The most recent NCIS cast

Since the pilot, the constant team has always been Gibbs, Tony, Abi and Ducky (with Fornell guesting in here and there). Everyone else came along later. With Tony now stepping down, the original group has tightened from a quartet to a trio and a desk is open. The question is, who will take on the role? Tony and the team had been working with an MI6 agent from across the pond during the season finale. It could be that some British blood could be joining the crew. It wouldn’t be the first time that somebody from another agency has joined the crew (Kate, Ziva and Ellie to name a few). Maybe Gibbs will even up the numbers with a surprise agent from his past or settle for standard recruitment. Regardless of whoever takes the open slot, there will be some big shoes to fill. All we know so far is that the crew is planning to add one currently unnamed male and a female currently known as ‘Tess’. Until such a time that they need a film buff to solve a crime, here’s bidding adieu to Very Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo.

Graham Host is a member of the Fan Contributor program. In his spare time, he enjoys the works of Terry Pratchett, DC Comics and a wide assortment of video games. Under no circumstances should he be fed after midnight.
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