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A look at Hong Kong Disneyland’s Iron Man Experience

The Iron Man Experience is a 3D Motion Simulator ride similar to the Star Tours attraction at other Disney Parks worldwide. The attraction will be blasting its way this fall for the 10th-anniversary celebration of the theme park Hong Kong Disneyland.

Promotional Art of Iron Man soaring through the skies of Hong Kong.

It will be the first official ride based on a film from the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well as the first Marvel ride to be built at a Disney park. The attraction is located in the park’s Tomorrowland section, adjacent to the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters attraction. The attraction’s building includes a meet and greet for the character Iron Man and a retail area featuring all sorts of marvel related merchandise, most prominently featuring the character of the attraction himself.

D23 Sneak Preview of the ride.

Guests enter the Stark Expo, where they learn about the history of the famous Howard Stark before meeting the current president, his son Tony Stark. The younger Stark introduces a new invention of his known as the “Iron Wing” and invites the guests aboard the vehicle for an aerial tour of the city of Hong Kong. The tour includes a newly constructed version of the Stark Tower stationed in the city. However, the villainous terrorist organization known as HYDRA launches an attack upon the city of Hong Kong to claim the arc reactor technology located within the city. With this disastrous turn of events unfolding all around the city. Tony Stark dons his Iron Man armor to help save the city by battling HYDRA alongside the Iron Wing. With the sensory overload on full tilt, guests feel right in the middle of this new and exciting 3D experience.

The possibilities are limitless when considering the combined power of Disney’s theme park experience and Marvel’s stable of ripe intellectual properties.

Concept Art of the Iron Man Experience building.

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Joseph St Pierre
Joseph St Pierre

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