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A new CW promo gives us our first look at the Dominators, the villains in the upcoming four-night, four-show Arrowverse crossover between SupergirlThe Flash,  Arrow, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Meet the Dominators below!

The CW took quite a gambit when they tackled the challenge of bringing these notorious comic-book villains to the small screen. With their tall, lanky frames, bright yellow skin, and long sharp teeth, it couldn’t have been an easy look to pull off. According to Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim, the aliens’ imposing appearance was created using  “cutting-edge prosthetics and computer effects to achieve a feature film-quality look.” However, with previous appearances from impressive-looking villains such as King Shark on The Flash and the more-recent Parasite on Supergirl, we were hoping they would surprise us again.


The crossover won’t really begin until the very end of the Supergirl episode, which kicks off the crossover on Monday, November 28. We will see Barry and Cisco recruit her toward the end of that episode, before things pick up Tuesday on The Flash.

So, what else did we see in this new trailer? For starters, we saw the return of Deathstroke,  the mentor-turned-archenemy of Oliver Queen. Last time we saw Slade Wilson, Malcolm Merlyn had released him from his Lian Yu prison, leading to a deadly showdown between this criminal mastermind and Thea and Oliver Queen. However, his escape was unsuccessful, and he was forced to return to his prison.


We also see brand new costumes for characters like Citizen Steel and Wild Dog. For those of you who don’t know these two new characters, Wild Dog, also known as Rene Ramirez, is an Arrow vigilante operating in Star City — he’s new this season. Citizen Steel, also known as Nate Heywood is a new-this-season Legends of Tomorrow character who has the ability to transform his skin into steel, making him extremely strong and resilient.

When to Watch?

Want to catch this exciting four-episode event? Tune in to watch the Invasion! Arrowverse Crossovers on the following dates!

  • Supergirl on Monday, Nov 28
  • Flash on Tuesday, Nov 29
  • Arrow on Wednesday, Nov 30
  • Legends of Tomorrow on Thursday, December 1
  • Supergirl (again) episode on Monday, December 5
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