‘Logan’ Trailer, Nintendo Switch Hot Take, and More: The Week in Fandom

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Welcome to your Week in Fandom for January 20th, 2017. Yesterday we got not one, but two new red band trailers for Logan... I KNEW that was X-23! The extended version of the trailer adds a couple more F-bombs to really take advantage of that R-rating… and check the meta cameo of those X-Men comics. In any case, this is shaping up to be the Wolverine movie we’ve always wanted, so check it out when it finally pops its claws on March 3rd.

Now, over the weekend, Nintendo finally and officially unveiled the new Nintendo Switch with a lengthy livestream and an exclusive press event with all the details on the upcoming console (fingers crossed!) to put Nintendo back on top. Fandom’s full of coverage from the event and it’s safe to say the news is pretty exciting. But how excited should we be?

And more game news: mysterious billionaire and President of Valve Corporation Gabe Newell broke his trademark silence for another AMA on Reddit this week. As usual, missing were ANY revelations regarding the long-awaited (and rumored CANCELED) Half-Life 3, although Newell did hint at a new game in the same universe, as well as citing Portal 2 as his favorite of Valve’s single player games. And when asked about the Half-Life and/or Portal movies being developed by JJ Abrams, Newell says “they’re coming” Even though JJ seemingly swore off sequels, adaptations and reboots last week in order to focus on original ideas. Psst, JJ – Bryan Cranston for Gordon Freeman!

Speaking of Heisenberg – check out his giant floating head from this new Power Rangers trailer. You might think it’s weird to have Walter White in a Power Rangers movie – until you realize he was voicing bad guys Twinman and Snizard on the show all the way back in ‘93.

And now for another adaptation, a reboot AND a sequel all combined into one like so many Lions forming… Voltron Legendary Defender Season 2. The awesome Netflix cartoon returns today and is already available to stream in its entirety. This season sees the Paladins reunite only to be chased across the galaxy by big bad Emperor Zarkon.

There’s also Split opening this weekend, in which actual psycho James McAvoy plays Kevin, a man with 23 distinct identities – some of which have some pretty serial killer-y tendencies. I’m rooting for you, M. Night, and Split actually looks good! How’s THAT for a Shyamalan twist? That’s your Week in Fandom!

Eric Moro
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