Get Psyched (and Scared) for ‘Lights Out’

Amanda Velez

I love scary movies so it may come as a surprise that I once used to be terrified of them. There was a time when even just watching the trailer for The Exorcist made me crawl into my parents’ bed at night. Nowadays I willingly subject myself to any and all things horror, including amateur short films on YouTube. The “Lights Out” short by David F. Sandberg was one of the first that caught my attention. It looked innocent enough, I mean, no harm ever came from turning off a light right? I learned in two short minutes how wrong that assumption was.

Those two minutes were so successful that it’s been turned into a feature-length film produced by well-known horror director James Wan and directed by newcomer Sandberg. Of course, while it’s based off the YouTube short, the film’s plot has been altered to include two new protagonists. Rebecca (Teresa Palmer) must help her little brother Martin (Gabriel Bateman) figure out the truth surrounding a supernatural entity that has pestered them for their entire lives. Early reviews of the movie have been extremely positive and I can’t wait to watch it this weekend.

Of course, if you’re craving a jump scare right now then you should definitely check out Sandberg’s YouTube page. He and his wife Lotta Losten have uploaded eight other videos that are bound to get your blood pumping and ready to go see Lights Out this weekend. Below are just a few of my favorites:


Basically a PSA against keeping old black and white pictures. You never know what spirits may be trapped in those picture-perfect memories.

Attic Panic

As if going into a cramped dark place wasn’t bad enough. This is why the buddy system was created.

Cam Closer

Proof that technology is evil. Or maybe that ghosts just don’t like food photography.

All these were filmed in Sandberg and Losten’s apartment. That’s one place I’m pretty sure I never want to visit. Lights Out hits theaters tomorrow, July 22.

Amanda Velez
Amanda is a Community Development Representative at Fandom. She goes through books faster than she can buy them.
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