Every Queer Game We’ve Found at E3

Jack DeVries

Diversity is a huge topic of conversation at this year’s E3, and it shows in the games presented from major developers. There has never been an E3 that has featured a more robust spectrum of characters, and that is amazing. But it’s Pride month and I’m feeling a little extra gay, so we’re heading out to the show floor to find and highlight the games that celebrate the spectrum of sexuality and gender. Check out all the games we found that feature a playable openly queer character.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm

The prequel to Life is Strange, the time traveling teen drama that won our hearts in 2015, stars Chloe, the friend/romantic interest of the previous game’s main character Max. Whether this game explores Chloe’s relationship with her friend Rachel in the same manner that Max and Chloe developed theirs remains to be seen, but it’s great to see her back again, and in the spotlight this time.


And that’s it.

That’s the only game we’ve found so far! Not too surprising, an openly queer character in a video game is still a rare sight, much less the star of the game.

If you know of a game here at E3 that features a queer playable character, hit us up on Twitter at @getFANDOM.

Jack DeVries
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