Why the Lego Batman Movie Game is Better than the Film

Samantha Loveridge
Games Batman
Games Batman

Although the Lego Batman Movie has been widely well-received, we thought it was nowhere near as good as the original Lego Movie. It lacked the same personality and strong characters of the Lego Movie, focusing more on the mushy-gushy stuff and action scenes than the fun.

So it was with some trepidation that Fandom then tackled the Lego Dimensions: Lego Batman Movie Story Pack, concerned it would feature more of the same emotionally-charged scenes.

Thankfully, Lego Dimensions take on the Lego Batman Movie is a far more refreshing and comical tale full of witty one-liners, unique scenes and even more Batman banter.

Even more characters

In the box you get a brand new Portal to build along with mini-figures for Batgirl and Robin, and a buildable Batwing. You’ll already have Batman himself from the Lego Dimensions Starter Pack, so from there it’s up to you who you bring into the game.

Lego Dimensions is ridiculously good at taking what the moving does with smashing different IPs together but takes it so much further. In this Lego Batman Movie, Batman doesn’t even have to be the star. You could have the Joker going up against the Joker in your version, as you’re encouraged to make your own fun.

Heck, at one point we had Marceline from Adventure Time and Scooby Doo fighting a posse of The Matrix‘s Agent Smith mini-figs under the watchful eye of Sauron from Lord of the Rings. It’s a wonderful mess of characters that just works.

Lego Dimensions: Lego Batman Movie Story Pack

But you’ll certainly want to check out the fun you can have with the new characters. Robin is an even better character in the game than the film. His hilarious antics in the film, like his trademark “Riiiip” costume change, is heightened and over-exaggerated here as he switches from Robin to Nightwing and back.

There’s more to him here, though. His “Batdad” quips are completed by unique animations like doing the worm while crawling through vents, performing acrobatic butt attacks, and more.

Batman himself even gets a bit of a skill upgrade with an awesome new detective ability and the Story Pack unlocks a new Portal Power that pulls in bits from other worlds. There’s one puzzle you’ve got to solve using elements from PortalA-Team and Defender, which is pure Lego Dimensions at its best.

Batgirl is great too, with plenty of useful abilities in-game. She might not be quite as sassy as she is in the movie, but the game has plenty of one-liners that will have you constantly chuckling.

Fewer cutscenes more action

Lego Dimensions Lego Batman Movie
The main trio for the Lego Dimensions Lego Batman Movie, and Robin is better than ever

In fact, the opening scenes of the Lego Batman Movie Dimensions Pack kept me gripped far more than the real movie.

Not only are you put right in the centre of the action, there is comedic genius splattered all over the place. If you chuck two Batman figures on the pad – there’s a new Lego Batman Movie Fun Pack featuring a seriously impressive Excalibur Batman – you’ll have Batgirl complaining about having to look after one of them.

Or switch between Robin and Nightwing costumes for the first time and our new favourite orphan will explain that even he doesn’t know how he hid long trousers under shorts.

Even Poison Ivy has more personality in the game, apparently obsessed with hilariously bad puns, including telling Batman she thought “they could be fronds”.

But there’s also a focus on making sure you’re always driving the story. Cutscenes are few and far between, the comedy and story coming from the puzzles you’re tasked with solving and the hilarious antics. This might be a game adaptation of a movie, but it’s a loose one. There’s plenty of original content here that’s infused with the Lego comedy we loved from the original film, that was really missing from the Lego Batman Movie.

Less serious emotion and much more fun

Lego Dimensions Lego Batman Movie

And then there’s the tone. Whereas the movie is all about Batman’s longing for a family and to belong, interspersed with two major action scenes, the game is all about the funsies. Whether it’s unique animations, quick comic quips, or just Batman spontaneously busting some moves on the dance floor at Superman’s party, there are lots of things to love about this game adaptation.

The emotional moments of the movie are gone, making sure that you’re distracted by excellently crafted side-quests, even more Lego Batman Movie cameos and Easter Eggs, and fantastic storylines peppered with iconic characters from multiple movie franchises.

In fact, the only thing missing from the Lego Dimensions Lego Batman Movie game is the human gun “pew-pew” noises and Michael Cera’s voice for Robin. Other than that, you should be playing the Lego Batman Movie not watching it.

Lego Dimensions: Lego Batman Movie Story Pack is out now, but requires the Lego Dimensions Starter Pack to play.

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