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When LEGO Dimensions launched in late 2015, it has perhaps the most random assortments of characters ever. Seriously, the toys-to-life title Superman, Homer Simpson, Harry Potter, and Doctor Who all in the same game. And the just-launched second year of expansions adds even more pop culture icons, like Sonic the Hedgehog, the Ghostbusters, and even characters from Adventure Time. Last week I got to see the LEGO Dimensions Adventure Time character pack in action. Just about any fan of the wonderfully weird series will be pleased by this interpretation of the Cartoon Network hit.

The LEGO Dimensions Adventure Time stage begins with a pitch-perfect recreation of the show’s iconic intro in LEGO form. Fans will spot all their favorite characters LEGO-ized, from Peppermint Butler to Gunter the Penguin. Once the opening song ends, the stage begins like many episodes: with Finn and Jake waking up in their treehouse. After a quick tutorial on Finn’s skills with a sword and archery, you head out into the world.

C’mon Grab Your Friends

Finn and Jake start off the day’s adventure saving old ladies and searching for the fabled Enchiridion, implying we might eventually run into the Lich. That fun enough, but the real treat is only walking around the Land of Ooo in LEGO bricks. Respect to the developers of LEGO Dimensions that they that can recreate Harry Potter’s world just as ably as the  Candy Kingdom.

LEGO Dimensions Adventure Time

The LEGO Dimensions Adventure Time set comes alongside a character pack that includes Marceline and Lumpy Space Princess figures. All of them can join in at any time, just like any other LEGO Dimensions figure. Seeing BMO fighting the Ice King alongside Gizmo and Supergirl is a treat no matter anytime. It gets even more exciting when they’re assisting the screaming Earl of Lemongrab.

Adventure Time fans will also be pleased to know that all the voice actors from the series appear to be involved. Seriously, Lemongrab wouldn’t be the same without Justin Roiland screeching “Unacceptable!” And LSP shines when her bossy, selfish dialogue is spoken by series creator Pendleton Ward.

LEGO Dimensions Adventure Time

All told, the LEGO Dimensions Adventure Time set feels like a must for any fan of the animated series, particularly those who were waiting for a LEGO incarnation of the show. It’s out now in stores, with many other new figures and level packs alongside it. If you want to know more about LEGO Dimensions, check out our interview with the game’s directors from this summer’s Comic-Con.

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