‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Recap and Reaction: “The Chicago Way”

Graham Host
TV Arrowverse
TV Arrowverse

Between zombies, aliens and the crucial element of time travel, Legends of Tomorrow is the science fiction cornerstone of the Arrowverse. And with the whole of history open for picking, we head for the final Christmas episode of the Arrowverse with flair.

Al Capone

Remember old Al? Well, his 1927 self is having a wonderful meeting with Scrooge McDarhk and Eobard-nezer Scrooge. Joining is new player Malcolm Marley-n. Judging from his robotic hand, this Merlyn is from ninety years ahead.

There are some minor problems around the Waverider. Sudo-sibling rivalry between Ray and Nate manifests under the pretence of testing the new ATOM suit. Before anything – or anyone – can be broken, Gideon tracks a temporal aberration to Chicago in 1927. It appears that Elliot Ness – the man who brings about the fall of Capone – is set to die early.


With no case against him, Capone now becomes Mayor. That is, unless the Legends are able to save Ness. Lucky for history, Scarface has a favourite dumping ground and they are able to rescue Ness in time. But Merlyn conspired the killing to create a trap and the Waverider medbay is going to take some time to heal Ness with history refusing to wait. In an era before picture communication, the Legends go undercover while Mick babysits the real Ness and Amaya babysits Mick.


Even without being one of the three genii aboard the Waverider, Jackson is smart enough to wonder exactly why a time traveller would help Capone. It’s not exactly a major difference between corrupt criminal or corrupt politician.

Being from opposing side of the legal line, there is some difference of opinion between JSAgent Jiwe and Inmate Rory. As if their flirting wasn’t bad enough. Barry and his Flashpoint seem to have kickstarted the Blackest Night. Laurel has risen from the grave in Arrow and now Snart starts taunting the adjusted Legend after Amaya leaves.


Just when the Legends seemed to be getting history back on track, Thawne and Darhk intervene moments before the bust. Both Sara and Stein are kidnapped and the entire place cleared of liquor but Jefferson at least got a look at Thawne’s face. You know, to run a search with Gideon? Without a clear leader, set a thief to catch a thief – Captain Mick to the rescue. Lucky for them, the secret armoury of Captain Hunter provides an anti-speedster gun seemingly modelled after the Cold Gun.


Waking up in a creepy underground cellar – because that’s how villains roll – the captive Legends are greeted by Merlyn with a proposition. If they give him the amulet they hold, he will undo his actions on the Queen’s Gambit. Without that defining moment, Green Arrow, and the Black and White Canary will not exist. Her sister will be back and Sara can live a normal life.

Discussing the deal she had been offered, Stein finally confesses his aberration – Lily Stein – to his captain. The hypocrisy of his actions angers Sara as Darhk arrives for an interrogation. With League of Assassin training, there is no point in taking the lead Legend. But a soft, gentle old man? Using the same device which killed the original Harrison Wells and let Thawne hide in plain sight for years, the Reverse-Flash tortures the team intellect. Flash fans can probably guess what is coming.



Launching a criminal jailbreak, Mick and Amaya commandeer a bootlegger truck to infiltrate the warehouse. Splitting up, Rip and Nate go to find the ledger whilst the other two search for Sara and Stein. Despite attempting to play along, Mick is tormented by the pre-heroic Snart. Barely escaping with Stein, Capone smiles as the group escape. Much like Ness, it appears this is another trap.

As the team returns to the Waverider, the Legends discuss their position. Even as Snart torments his friend, Jackson sees an impossible event on the monitors – Speedster Stein. In an understandable mistake – considering how well that mask fits over Thawne – Sara accidentally reveals Lily moments before Thawne starts attacking.

Thawne infiltrates the Waverider

Even though he takes a shot from the anti-speed weapon, the effect is temporary and Thawne manages to let backup aboard – lead by Merlyn. Rory manages to attract the attention of Thawne and lets Amaya pound on him as Sara manage to take down Merlyn. But an alert on Thawne’s smartwatch prevents him from killing Vixen as Merlyn brokers a deal to end the fighting. In order to save the professor, the two groups manage to come to an accord – their talisman for Professor Stein.


With the entire amulet now in the wrong hands, the true objective makes itself clear – the Spear of Destiny. The Spear is most recognised in DC for the events in Day Of Judgement where it was able to wound the Spectre – embodiment of God’s Wrath. All we know so far about the Arrowverse version is that it can ‘rewrite reality itself’.

The contents of the Talisman

But there is one missing element they still need – Rip Hunter. The former Time Master and original leader of the Legends is somehow alive and well in 1967 Los Angeles. Writing from what he knows best, Rip has gone native and is directing a film with a character of himself as the star.


  • Merlyn brings the Doom Patrol one step closer to completion. With his robotic hand pinpointing him to somewhere in 2016, let’s hope we see his recruitment soon.
  • Despite all logic, none of the bullets even graze the heroes. Between the fight at the dock and hijacking the bootleggers, at least one person should have taken a shot.
  • It appears that the original captain of the Waverider made it out alive after all. Rip was never in the big leagues of Time Masters so what could he know about the Spear?
  • The Snart/Sara relationship was rushed but at least one was a killer and the other a thief. This new Mick/Amaya is beyond forced. One is an arsonist/criminal/killer and the other is a member of the JSA.
  • I can think of two reasons for Thawne’s alert – either he can’t kill Vixen (for time reason) or he’s running from something. Both are exciting ideas for the future.
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