The ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Pilot’s Top Moments

TV Arrowverse
TV Arrowverse

The CW has been expanding their shared DC TV universe. They began back in 2012 with the hit crime-drama series, Arrow. After the success of the first season, they ordered a pilot for The Flash, which officially premiered in fall 2014. That wasn’t the end of CW’s shared DC universe. In early 2015, CW announced an animated web series was coming, Vixen.  The web series aired on the CW Seed in August. During spring of 2015, it was announced a spin-off of Arrow and The Flash had begun production titled DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

Legends of Tomorrow features heroes and criminals that appeared throughout Arrow and The Flash.  Those of which had been recruited by Rip Hunter to defeat Vandal Savage. Here are some of the top moments from the first part of the Pilot of Legends of Tomorrow.

SPOILER WARNING: This article may contain spoilers.

Rip Hunter’s backstory

Rip Hunter - Backstory

Rip Hunter had a family, which was discouraged for Time Masters. After Vandal Savage murdered his wife and child, Rip sought revenge. Rip approached the Time Masters, requesting they grant permission to alter history for one occasion. The Time Masters shot him down and Rip stole the Waverider.  Rip then recruited eight heroes and criminals who had no significance in the timeline (which explained why Green Arrow and The Flash weren’t selected for the mission).

Stealing the Waverider and running off, wonder where that’s from? Certainly not Doctor Who, right?  Arthur Darvill previously starred in Doctor Who as a companion to the Doctor.

Rip Hunter lying to the team that they were considered legends was particularly interesting as it provided a huge twist to the series early on.  With the title “Legends of Tomorrow”and the way the series was promoted, it truly seemed the heroes and criminals were indeed considered legends in Rip Hunter’s future.

Sara Lance’s transition to the White Canary

Sara Lance - White Canary

Reluctant to join Rip Hunter’s team, Sara went to her sister for advice.  When Laurel advised her to join Rip’s mission, Sara reminded Laurel she was still picking up the pieces from being resurrected.  Sara told Laurel the Lazarus Pit left her with a need to kill, feeling she’s too dangerous.  Laurel told Sara that to channel her grief and find positivity, she became the Black Canary.  Sara believed being the Canary was never a positive thing.  Laurel told Sara to stop being a hero in the shadows but become a hero in the light.  Sara was then presented with a new white suit, signifying her transition into becoming the White Canary. Wondering where her mask was initially, Sara was told she no longer needed to hide in the shadows.

Her transition will be the start of some major character development.  Sara was a vigilante who lived in the shadows for much of Arrow‘s second season.  She had no further development as she was killed in the premiere of season 3. Though Sara was resurrected in season 4, her soul was trapped in the Lazarus Pit.  With the help of John Constantine, her soul was restored but her blood lust remained.  Joining Rip Hunter’s team, Sara has the opportunity to make something of herself, no longer needing to hide in the shadows.

This version of the White Canary however, differs from the comic version. In the DC Comics, the White Canary is a martial artist of Chinese descent. White Canary is also an enemy of the Black Canary.

The team comes together

The team comes together - Legends of Tomorrow

Every great team doesn’t always start off as a well-oiled machine.  Through the Pilot, Legends of Tomorrow presented that well.  Jax initially refused to join the team, fearing he could be killed in combat.  After the team learned they had been lied to, the eight had second thoughts on aiding Rip’s mission.  All the members were upset with their leader, Rip Hunter.  Martin Stein had even agreed with the arsonist, Mick Rory, who questioned why they shouldn’t kill Rip.

When Martin Stein apologized to Jax for drugging and kidnapping him, Jax told him he wasn’t ready to go home. Jax told Martin when he watched everyone rush to the ship to take on Chronos, he felt a feeling he never felt in years. Back in high school, Jax was a promising quarterback, though his football career ended after a knee injury.  Stein was told the best feeling he had as a quarterback was when a teammate would take a tackle for him.  Jax felt that when they returned to the Waverider to take on Chronos and Jax embraced being on the team.

When Ray told Sara, Leonard and Mick they were destined to be nobodies, Ray was interrupted.  Sara reminded Ray that their mission was to change the future, therefore, they should have the power to change their own fate.  Soon enough, the team came together and decided they would write their own fate.  Hawkman even stated himself, he didn’t care if he was a legend or not, only that they stop Vandal Savage.  Surely enough, the team will face adversaries among each other as the series progresses.

What were your favorite moments from “Pilot, Part 1”?

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