Leaked Poster Teases ‘Rise of Iron’ for ‘Destiny’ Fans (UPDATED)

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Update – June 8th: Bungie announced today that they will air a livestream tomorrow that officially announces the Rise of Iron expansion with a new trailer. Via an image that was mistakenly posted today to the game’s website, it was also revealed that it will be coming out on Sept. 20 for Xbox One and PS4, meaning those who play Destiny on previous generation consoles are — based on this information — out of luck. We will learn more when the livestream airs tomorrow.

Big news for Destiny fans: a poster, featuring the likeness of Iron Banner extraordinaire Lord Saladin underneath the mysterious title Rise of Iron, popped up on Reddit last night — and this morning Bungie confirmed that it is indeed legit. Rise of Iron will be available for players this fall, hopefully easing some of the pain stemming from Bungie’s delay of Destiny 2. It’s safe to say that “the weak-willed need not apply.” 

Check it out:


Rise of Iron promises a ton of new content — more than two of the year one expansion packs, a source close to Bungie revealed. A new raid, centering on the Fallen — but with “a twist” — has been in the works since last summer. It was originally planned for release in April, but the delay of Destiny 2 shifted their release timeframe around a bit.

How the expansion relates to the Iron Banner events remains to be seen. In the past, these limited-time Crucible events with level-advantages enabled represents one of the most popular game types in Destiny, so we’re definitely excited to see how Bungie expands on or modifies the formula.

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