‘Dragon Age 4’ Gets Another Little Tease Ahead of Any Official Reveal

Samantha Loveridge

We’re already excited that there’s going to be a Dragon Age 4, or at least a direct follow-up to Dragon Age: Inquisition, and now we’ve got the tiniest snippet of fresh information on the as-yet unannounced title straight from the series’ Creative Director.

The latest Dragon Age 4 news comes via Mike Laidlaw, Creative Director on the Dragon Age series, in an interview with The 1099 podcast.

“It’s no secret that we’re doing something with Dragon Age,” said Laidlaw during his interview, which is no doubt a reference to the next game in the series, even if it is nothing concrete. “I can’t talk about what, but we’re certainly involved in something.”

Laidlaw obviously didn’t go into specifics about the unannounced title, but he did go on to say that the Dragon Age team over at BioWare is currently “hiring a lot of people”.

It seems like development on the game is ramping up, although there’s been no word on what stage of development the game is at just yet.

“As I’ve jokingly said, I am the Creative Director for the Dragon Age franchise and they haven’t fired me yet,” Laidlaw added.

The original Dragon Age 4 news came from newly-hired writer Alexis Kennedy, who’s also the mind behind the games Fallen London and Sunless Sea. In his interview with Eurogamer, he spoke about his role within the studio but also confirmed that Dragon Age 4 is in the early stages of development.

Elsewhere in the interview, Laidlaw revealed that BioWare originally had plans not only for Dragon Age 2 but also a sequel to Jade Empire, the latter of which was delayed to focus on Dragon Age.

Jade Empire 2 was talked about – it was certainly considered,” added Laidlaw. “I think it’s still very possible there could be a Jade 2. And if someone said to me, what would I do with a Jade 2, I have an answer, I have a very clear answer in my head.”

Jade Empire
We would totally buy a sequel to Jade Empire

During the podcast, Laidlaw also teased that BioWare is working on “other things” that are currently under wraps.

“There are other things in process, but unfortunately I can’t talk about them until they are realised. I am pretty excited about a few of them. Things continue apace.”

Samantha Loveridge
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