‘The Last Jedi’ Spawns Twitter Joke Titles For Star Wars: Episode IX

Danielle Ryan
Movies Star Wars
Movies Star Wars

Star Wars fans are some of the most rabid on the planet, and they’re all currently going crazier than a drunk Wookiee on Life Day. The title for Episode VIII has been revealed, and it’s The Last Jedi. With just that bit of information, Star Wars fans from around the globe began speculating on Rian Johnson’s upcoming film, and the films to follow.

Many fans on Twitter tried to determine whether Jedi was plural. (It is.) They also tried to figure out whether Rey or Luke was the titular Last Jedi. Others simply took the title as an omen, portending the death of Luke.

So Many Sequels

Of course, the new title also lent itself to lots of great jokes. In typical Twitter fashion, fans came up with their own future Star Wars film titles.

Some were callbacks to obscure ’90s movies featuring Ashton Kutcher…

…while others used the Fast and Furious naming scheme…

… and some fans just got weird with it.

Then again, Futurama has been making jokes about this for awhile now.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters December 15.

Danielle Ryan
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