Watch Alicia Vikander Transform Into Lara Croft in This ‘Tomb Raider’ Sneak Peek

Drew Dietsch
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Lara Croft is a video game icon. Translating her character to the big screen is no small feat. It takes an actress with incredible dedication, physicality, and energy. Luckily, Alicia Vikander is up to the task in Tomb Raider.

This behind-the-scenes peek offers up a very cool sneak peek. It shows how Vikander got into character, all the incredible stunts she had to do, and her personal history with Lara Croft and the action/adventure genre.

A Dream Come True

Vikander wanted to be an action movie hero since she was a little girl. The fact that Tomb Raider allows her that opportunity is cause for excitement. Vikander clearly gives it her all in this video. Seeing her throw herself into the fray like this gives me serious hope about the action in this movie.

And it’s great hearing her remember Lara Croft as a character she looked up to. Seeing a female character as the lead in a video game inspired Vikander as a child. It’s that kind of inspiration that she wants to pass on to a new generation.

If nothing else, Tomb Raider seems like it will be anchored by a great Lara Croft. That alone is worth looking forward to. We’ll get to see how the rest of the movie shakes out when it opens on March 16, 2018.

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