‘Krypton’ Trailer – DC Goes ‘Game of Thrones’

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Krypton hasn’t had a whole bunch of hype surrounding it. The series has been shrouded in secrecy for a while but we’re finally starting to get a peek into its world. Syfy dropped the first promo trailer and it’s certainly going to cause some opinions. Give it a watch and see what you think…


What’s Krypton About?

Krypton will center around Seg-El, the grandfather of Clark Kent a.k.a. Kal-El, and his relationship with Lyta Zod. Considering that David Goyer is involved, you can bet this officially ties into the DCEU. That sets it apart from the other DC shows on the CW and Fox. The aesthetic from Man of Steel is apparent, and I gotta say, the production value is impressive. Syfy has been getting back to more dramatic fare and this looks good on that front.

However, it’s tough to get wrapped up in the story of Krypton and all its intrigue when it’s all a placemat for the story of Superman. You can bet they’ll be implementing some recognizable characters for fans to get excited about. Will Krypton pull from Superman: The Animated Series and have Brainiac be an artificial intelligence that helps run the planet? But, they can’t do too much in case they want to save certain ideas for the larger films.

It’s fairly obvious that this is going to pull from the Game of Thrones playbook and be a political thriller set in a fantastical world. It even looks like there will be some sultriness going on in the House of El! If the characters are interesting and the plots are propulsive, Krypton certainly has a chance of standing on its own. Still, it’s worrisome that Syfy has yet to order a complete first season. That doesn’t inspire confidence.

There isn’t premiere date for Krypton but we’re sure more information is about to break. Expect something big (probably a screening of the pilot) at Comic-Con.

Oh, and spoiler alert. The planet blows up. Sorry to ruin that surprise.

Drew Dietsch
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