Nintendo E3 Highlights: Kirby, Pokémon, Metroid, Super Mario, and More!

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Although we’re sad not to see a new Animal Crossing, Nintendo’s E3 spotlight did reveal news of new Pokémon, Yoshi, Kirby and even Metroid games, as well as, of course, more details about Super Mario Odyssey.

Here are the biggest announcements from the Nintendo E3 Spotlight:

The Super Mario Odyssey hats are more powerful than you think

One of the biggest gameplay features of Super Mario Odyssey is Mario’s hat. The little fellow has come to life in the form of Cappy, who, in his natural form, is actually a white top hat. In the latest Super Mario Odyssey trailer, you can use Cappy’s capture feature to fling Mario’s hat and turn into other characters from ghosts and frogs to classic Super Mario enemies including Goombas, rockets and more.

It looks like your hat will allow you to transform into lots of stuff, all gaining an amazing Mario moustache just to let you know Mario is lurking within.

Not only did the trailer show off some epic hat-flinging action, but it also revealed the Super Mario Odyssey release date is earlier than we thought, with the game arriving on October 27 this year.

A Pokémon RPG for Nintendo Switch is in the works

Pokemon Sun and Moon trainers

For everyone super excited for a major Pokémon RPG release for the Switch, there’s good news and bad news. GameFreak has confirmed that there is, in fact, a major Pokémon RPG in the works for the Nintendo Switch, but it hasn’t confirmed whether that will be Pokémon Stars or not. Also, it’s not going to be coming out for “at least” another year.

Sad times indeed, but at least we know it’s actually happening.

So, Metroid Prime 4 is a real thing

With no gameplay footage or even a hint of the kind of gameplay you’ll be getting, Nintendo casually announced that Metroid Prime 4 is happening. All we know is that it’s in development and that it’ll be a Switch exclusive.

Kirby is flying in with a new co-op adventure

There’s a brand new Kirby game coming to the Switch, although it currently doesn’t have a full name. From the looks of the trailer shown off during the Nintendo E3 spotlight, it’s going to be a four-player co-op adventure with all the usual Kirby tropes.

Although it looks like you can give your pals some health by chucking hearts at them, which is a cute little trick, you can also recruit enemies to help you out when your friends are busy not playing Switch – as if that ever happens.

It’s not out until 2018, but hey, we’re allowed to be super excited.

Yoshi is back with a papery adventure in 2018

With probably one of the most adorable trailers of all time, Nintendo confirmed that there’s a brand new Yoshi title on the way. It’s a brand new action platformer with a huge world decorated like a papery diorama, with a full 3D effect making each level come to life.

It’s a new art style for the Yoshi series, but our little green friend is looking absolutely adorable. Again, like the new Kirby game, it’s not out until 2018 and doesn’t yet have a full title.

Rocket League is going to be your next Switch addiction

Not only is Rocket League coming to Switch, it’s also coming complete with cross-platform multiplayer, local multiplayer, and all previously released modes and content too.

What’s more, it’s coming out this holiday season. So prepare to discover that Rocket League in your pocket is the best kind of Rocket League there is.

“The Champion’s Ballad” is the second Zelda: Breath of the Wild DLC

There’s not much information available as yet on the second Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild DLC apart from the fact it is coming ‘holiday 2017′ and is called “The Champions’ Ballad”. It’ll feature all the Champions from the main game and the singing bird man you’ll have no doubt found lurking all over Hyrule.

Nintendo also confirmed there are special amiibo arriving to celebrate this DLC launch, with one for each of the Divine Beats pilots: Daruk, Mipha, Revali, and Urbosa.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is coming to Switch this year

Everyone lived on the Old Treet with our father, the Architect, and that paradise was Elysium. Now there’s a Blade called Pyra looking to travel to Elysium, and it’s up to you to get there, playing as Rex.

The beautiful open-world RPG, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is coming to Switch this year sometime in the holiday season. The game was already confirmed for the Switch, but now it has a release date.

3DS gamers are getting a Metroid remake

Announced as part of the Nintendo E3 Treehouse live-streams, which happen after the main Direct announcements, 3DS gamers got a bit of a surprise – Metroid: Samus Returns.

Launching September 15, 2017, Metroid: Samus Returns is a remake of the classic GameBoy title released back in 1992. The remaster includes engaging and immersive 3D visuals, a rich colour palette, and some new gameplay features to make taking on the Metroids just that tiny bit easier.

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