‘Kingsman 2’ Writer Says ‘Kingsman 3’ Talks Are Happening

Chris Tilly

Kingsman: The Golden Circle screenwriter Jane Goldman says she’s sharing ideas with director Matthew Vaughn for a Part 3, and that she’d like to see the franchise last as long as Bond.

Future Films

When asked if she could imagine Eggsy and co could appearing onscreen for as long as 007, Goldman said “I could, but I think Matthew and I both feel the same. We would only want to continue if there were stories we wanted to tell.

“I think the idea of having to bang out something in a franchise because that’s what you’re doing… I think it would have to, each time, be on a case-by-case basis. Is this a great villain? Is this a great story? Is there something else to explore that is an interesting journey for Eggsy?

Part 3 a Possibility

As for whether Part 3 will happen anytime soon, Goldman said “We have been having conversations. I know Matthew had lots of ideas. I’ve had lots of thoughts. We’ve had some conversations. It’s a possibility, but who knows?

Chris Tilly
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