Kickstarter Game of the Month: ‘System Shock’

Kim Deuel

Each month we are bringing you the best and most interesting Kickstarter games, from charming indies to inevitable blockbuster hits. Here it is!

This month our featured game is System Shock by Nightdive Studios. This game is a complete remake of the 1994 classic, redesigned and developed by some of the original devs. While the game shares the stories and characters from the original, this version was created using the Unity Engine. The original was one of the first 3D games to reveal a story-driven narrative through the use of audio logs and messages scattered throughout the game world, a playstyle that is rather common today.

This reboot includes many overhauls and improvements that are being implemented to capture the spirit of what the original game was trying to convey. Original concept artist Rob Waters returns to re-imagine enemies, weapons and locations and voice actor Terri Brosuis reprises her role as the villainous A.I. SHODAN.

Backer response to System Shock was overwhelming, with half the funding completed in the first 24 hours and with only hours to go, flew past the $1 million mark. Watch for more information including a release date on our System Shock community as well as information regarding the third game in the original franchise – System Shock 3, currently under development by OtherSide Entertainment.


Kickstarter Honorable Mentions

Prey For The Gods

In Prey for the Gods the playable hero is sent to the edge of a dying world to discover the mystery behind a winter that seemingly never ends. In this journey, survival depends on the player’s ability to size up their foes and discover their weaknesses. Not an easy task when your enemies include massive hostile giants, enormous winged creatures and a multitude of unseen dangers. If they don’t kill the hero, hunger, thirst, and the unyielding frozen tundra just might. This new game has done exceedingly well on Kickstarter but there is still time to donate and help make some stretch goals. No Matter Studios is developing the game with a release target of  late 2017.

Gloom: Digital Edition

Suffering the greatest tragedies ever, lowering your self-worth, and making your foes as happy as possible are they keys to winning in Gloom. This original game, designed by Keith Baker and published by Atlas Games, had tremendous success as a physical card game. Sky Ship Studios, a group dedicated to bringing tabletop games to digital space, have started a Kickstarter page for Gloom: Digital Edition. The goal is to bring Gloom to life as a video game. The campaign aims to support not only the digital remake but the first expansion pack as well. Gloom: Digital Edition will support online multiplayer as well as single-player against A.I. The game will be available on PC and Mac, with tablet editions coming after the initial release.


Fox n Forests

Fox n Forests is a platformer inspired by classics of the 16-bit era. The main character is Rick the Fox who can use his magic melee crossbow not only as a weapon but also as a device to change between seasonal environments. Rich bonus levels, powerful potions, bags of loot and challenging skill tests are just a few of the things players can expect to find in Fox n Forests. Bonus Level Entertainment is developing this game for a Steam release if successfully funded. Players who enjoy or miss this retro style should check out the Kickstarter page and consider backing this project.

New Communities

Islands of Nyne – This PVP first-person shooter is sure to keep you on the run. Strive to become the last-man-standing in a Hunger Games style arena.

Victory Belles – As Captain of your naval station,  recruit and deploy battleships in this mobile game where ships are represented by anime-style female characters.

Zed – Use wit and logic  to make your way through this upcoming graphic puzzle game by Eagre Games. A playable demo is available on the official website. 

Elisa The Innkeeper – A new visual novel created and developed by Neoclassic Games. The prequel is currently available for free on Steam

Insomnia – Mankind is all but extinct and has left a dying planet behind. Find a way to survive and rebuild in this retro-futuristic world. 

Midair – A fast paced (really fast!) first-person shooter developed by Archetype Studios. Fly and fight your way to victory in PVP arenas. 

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